P & S Model Theory

Workshop: Practical and Structural Model Theory
Leeds, July 25-29, 2022


Workshop: P&S Model Theory

- on the occasion of the 60th birthdays of Ya'acov Peterzil and Sergei Starchenko


  • Model theory of o-minimal structures
  • Interactions and applications of o-minimality
  • Model theoretic generalisations

The workshop is planned to take place during the second week of the 3-week program Unimod 2022.

For any information, please contact: ps.workshop2022@gmail.com


Model theory of o-minimal structures:
- Alessandro Berarducci (University of Pisa)
- Annalisa Conversano (Massey University)
- Mario Edmundo (University of Lisbon)
- Jana Marikova (University of Vienna)
- Dave Marker (University of Illinois at Chicago)
- Charles Steinhorn (Vassar College)

Interactions and applications of o-minimality:
- Matthias Aschenbrenner (University of Vienna)
- Gal Binyamini (Weizmann Institute of Science)
- Lou van den Dries (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
- Gareth Jones (University of Manchester)
- Chris Miller (Ohio State University)
- Jonathan Pila (University of Oxford)
- Tamara Servi (Université Paris-Cité)
- Patrick Speissegger (McMaster University)
- Jacob Tsimerman (University of Toronto)

Model theoretic generalizations:
- Elisabeth Bouscaren (Université Paris-Sud)
- Artem Chernikov (University of California at Los Angeles)
- Deirdre Haskell (McMaster University)
- Philipp Hieronymi (University of Bonn)
- Ehud Hrushovski (University of Oxford)
- Rahim Moosa (University of Waterloo)
- Alf Onshuus (Universidad de Los Andes)
- Tom Scanlon (University of California at Berkeley)
- Katrin Tent (University of Münster)
- Boris Zilber (University of Oxford)


School of Mathematics
University of Leeds

Travel Info
Arriving at Leeds The closest ariports are the Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA) and the Manchester Airport (MAN).
The Leeds Bradford Airport has a Flyer service (A1) taking you to the city centre, more info on the LBA website.
The Manchester Airport has a train station and a coach station: a trip to Leeds takes between 1 and 2 hours, tickets for both can be bought online (e.g. via the trainline app), or at the stations. Make sure your flight time is consistent with the train/coach times as there may be no services between 1am and 4am. Uber would cost about 90 pounds.
Once in Leeds Reaching the University campus from the train station on foot takes about 20 minutes whereas from the coach station about 30 minutes; you may consider taking a bus: tickets can be bought online via the trainline app. Uber is a good alternative with cost about 5 pounds.


You may register here by April 15, 2022.

The default arrival - departure dates are July 24 - 30, 2022 (the lectures will begin on July 25 in the morning and end on July 29 in the afternoon).


Pablo Andujar Guerrero Fields Institute, Canada
Matthias Aschenbrenner University of Vienna, Austria
Vahagn Aslanyan University of East Anglia, UK
Robert Barham Imperial College London, UK
Elías Baro Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
Martin Bays Universität Münster, Germany
Alessandro Berarducci University of Pisa, Italy
Thomas Bernert University of Leeds, UK
Gal Binyamini Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Elisabeth Bouscaren CNRS - Université Paris-Saclay, France
Andrew Brooke-Taylor University of Leeds, UK
Zoe Chatzidakis École Normale Supérieure de Paris, France
Artem Chernikov University of California at Los Angeles, USA
Annalisa Conversano Massey University Auckland, New Zeland
Paola D'Aquino Università della Campania "L. Vanvitelli", Italy
Christian d'Elbée Fields Institute, Canada
Anna Dmitrieva University of East Anglia, UK
Jan Dobrowolski University of Manchester, UK
Lou van den Dries University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Christine Eagles University of Waterloo, Canada
Mário Edmundo University of Lisbon, Portugal
Ioannis Eleftheriadis University of Cambridge, UK
Pantelis Eleftheriou University of Leeds, UK
Katie Ellman-Aspnes University of Notre Dame, USA
Felipe Estrada Pelaez Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
Sebastian Eterovic UC Berkeley, USA/University of Leeds, UK
Florian Felix HHU Düsseldorf, Germany
Guy Fowler Leibniz University Hannover, Germany
Pietro Freni University of Leeds, UK
Francesco Gallinaro University of East Anglia, UK
Stuart Green University of Leeds, UK
James Hanson University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Andrew Harrison-Migochi University of Manchester, UK
Deirdre Haskell McMaster University, Canada
Assaf Hasson Ben Gurion University, Israel
Yuyan He University of California at Los Angeles, USA
Philipp Hieronymi University of Bonn, Germany
Akash Hossain Université Paris-Saclay, France
Jordan Houser Independent
Ehud Hrushovski University of Oxford, UK
Abdelrahman Ibrahim American University in Cairo, Egypt
Chuyin Jiang University of California at Los Angeles, USA
Gareth Jones University of Manchester, UK
Tobias Kaiser Universität Passau, Germany
Itay Kaplan Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Charlotte Kestner Imperial College London, UK
Joonhee Kim Yonsei University, South Korea
Thibaut Kouptchinsky UCLouvain, Belgium
Junguk Lee KAIST, South Korea
Omar Leon Sanchez University of Manchester, UK
Stefan Ludwig École Normale Supérieure de Paris, France
Dugald Macpherson University of Leeds, UK
Vincenzo Mantova University of Leeds, UK
Jana Marikova University of Vienna, Austria
Paolo Marimon Imperial College London, UK
David Marker University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Raymond McCulloch University of Manchester, UK
Silke Meißner Universität Münster, Germany
Nadav Meir University of Wroclaw, Poland
David Meretzky University of Notre Dame, USA
Chris Miller Ohio State Unversity, USA
Shezad Mohamed University of Manchester, UK
Ibrahim Mohammed University of Leeds, UK
Rahim Moosa University of Waterloo, Canada
Isabel Müller The American University in Cairo, Egypt
Alf Onshuus Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
Adele Padgett University of California at Berkeley, USA/McMaster University, Canada
Ricardo Jesús Palomino Piepenborn University of Manchester, UK
Aris Papadopoulos University of Leeds, UK
Ya'acov Peterzil University of Haifa, Israel
Jonathan Pila University of Oxford, UK
Anand Pillay University of Notre Dame, USA
Santiago Pinzon Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia
Adrián Portillo University of Wroclaw, Poland
Nigel Pynn-Coates Ohio State Unversity, USA
Davide Emilio Quadrellaro University of Helsinki, Finland
Tsinjo Rakotonarivo WWU Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Simone Ramello WWU Münster, Germany
Calliope Ryan-Smith University of Leeds, UK
Tomasz Rzepecki Uniwersytet Wrocławski, Poland
Thomas Scanlon University of California at Berkeley, USA
Ilgwon Seo Yonsei University, South Korea
Tamara Servi Université Paris-Cité, France
Daoud Siniora American University in Cairo, Egypt
Patrick Speissegger McMaster University, Canada
Sergei Starchenko University Notre Dame, USA
Charles Steinhorn Vassar College, USA
Benedikt Stock University of Oxford, UK
Michal Szachniewicz University of Oxford, UK
Katrin Tent Universität Münster, Germany
Giuseppina Terzo Università degli Studi di Napoli "Federico II", Italy
Margaret Thomas Purdue University, USA
Mervyn Tong University of Cambridge, UK
Pierre Touchard Universitá degli Studi della Campania "L. Vanvitelli", Italy
Jacob Tsimerman University of Toronto, Canada
Paul Wang École Normale Supérieure de Paris, France
Francis Westhead University of Oxford, UK
Alex Wilkie University of Manchester/Oxford, UK
Kevin Zhou University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Boris Zilber University of Oxford, UK
Tingxiang Zou Universität Münster, Germany

Financial support

The workshop is made possible thanks to the kind support by the EPSRC, the Leeds School of Maths, the ASL and the NSF.

Student members of the ASL may apply for student travel awards following the guidelines mentioned here.

US-based participants may apply for a limited number of travel awards by writing to: ps.workshop2022@gmail.com

Scientific Committee

- Zoé Chatzidakis (École normale supérieure, Paris)
- Pantelis Eleftheriou (University of Leeds)
- Assaf Hasson (Ben-Gurion University)
- Tobias Kaiser (University of Passau)
- Dugald Macpherson (Univeristy of Leeds)
- Anand Pillay (University of Notre Dame)
- Alex Wilkie (University of Oxford)

Organising Committee

- Pantelis Eleftheriou (University of Leeds)
- Assaf Hasson (Ben-Gurion University)
- Tobias Kaiser (University of Passau)
- Vincenzo Mantova (University of Leeds)

with further local support by Thomas Bernert, Pietro Freni, Francesco Gallinaro, Ibrahim Mohammed, Aris Papadopoulos and Calliope Ryan-Smith.