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2-day meeting held on Aug 2nd, 3rd 2007

London Mathematical Society Northern Regional Meeting and workshop on Homogeneous Structures, July 19th-22nd 2011

1-day meeting November 29th 2008

EPSRC research grant 'Homogeneous structures, bipartite graphs, and partial orders'

EPSRC research grant 'Homogeneous structures, homomorphism-homogeneity, and automorphsim groups'

Current teaching
Groups and vector spaces

Graduate course on stationary sets

Discrete Mathematics for Computer Scientists, 2nd edition, 1999
Errata are listed

Foundations of Mathematical Analysis, OUP, 1997
Errata are listed

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(0113) 343 5128
Pure Mathematics
Mathematical Logic

Postdoctoral assistants:

Stephen Slebarski, 1989-1992, 'Unification'.

Robert Gray, Feb 1st 2006-Jan 31st 2008, 'Homogeneous structures, bipartite graphs, and partial orders'.

Daniela Amato, Feb 1st 2008-Jan 31st 2009, 'Homogeneous structures, bipartite graphs, and partial orders'.

Deborah Lockett, Oct 1st 2009-Sept 30th 2012, 'Homogeneous structures, homomorphism-homogeneity, and automorphism groups'.

Feresiano Mwesigye, Commonwealth fellow, Nov 2013-Feb 2014, London Mathematical Society visitor Nov 2014-Jan 2015. 'Coloured linear orders'.

Edith Vargas-Garcia, Jan 2014-Dec 2015, 'Clones'.

Former Research Students:

Edmund Burke, 1987-1990, PhD 1991, 'Unification and equation solving in nilpotent groups and monoids'. Edmund was professor of computer science in the School of Computer Science and Information Technology at the University of Nottingham, and leader of the Automated Scheduling, Optimisation and Planning research group. He was then deputy director of research at the University of Stirling, and moved to Queen Mary, University of London as Vice Principal for Science and Engineering in September 2015.

Richard Warren, 1989-1992, PhD 1992, 'The structure of k-CS-transitive cycle-free partial orders'. Teacher at Ampleforth College.

Philip Creed, 1990-1993, PhD 1994, 'On o-amorphous sets and quasi-amorphous sets'. Works for Top Level Computing, Stroud.

Graham Mendick, 1993-1997, PhD 1997, 'Notions of Dedekind-finiteness in model theory'. Works for Xansa.

Helen Billinge, 1993-1997 (changed to philosophy in 1994 to work with Steven French), PhD 1998, 'A defence of constructive mathematics'. Lecturer at St Andrews University, 1996-1997, Junior research fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford, 1997-1999, British Academy postdoctoral fellow, King's College, London, and Christ Church, Oxford 1999-2002. Lecturer in philosophy at the London School of Economics, 2002- Now working as a school teacher.

Gabriela Campero-Arena, 1998-2002, PhD 2002, 'Transitivity properties of countable coloured linear orderings'. Lecturer at UNAM, Mexico City.

Debbie Sawyer, 1998-2002, PhD 2003, 'Classification and first-order properties of one-dimensional discrete dynamical systems'. Works on operational research for the government (scientific civil service)

Katie Chicot 2000-2004, PhD 2004, 'Transitivity properties of countable trees'. Clothworkers' Fellow in Mathematics for the Royal Institution, London, 2004-5. Staff tutor, Open University from 2005.

Susana Torrezao de Sousa 2000-2004, PhD 2005. 'Countable homogeneous coloured partial orders'. Works for Transport for London as Principal, Business Planning, Surface.

Agatha Walczak-Typke 2001-2005, PhD 2005, 'Dedekind-finite structures', Was a postdoctoral fellow in Vienna and then Helsinki. Now works for IAEA in Vienna.

Tristan Jenkinson 2002-2006, PhD 2006, 'The construction and classification of homogeneous structures in model theory', Works as a digital forensics expert at Navigant.

Stephen Lovell 2002-2006, PhD 2007, 'Automorphism groups of homogeneous structures'. Works for KPMG in Leeds.

David Knipe 2004-2008, Ph D 2009, 'Automorphisms of the countable generic partial order'. Works for 'Autonomy', Cambridge.

Feresiano Mwesigye 2005-2009, Ph D 2009, 'Elementary equivalence of linear orders and coloured linear orders'. Lecturer at Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda.

Ragab Elageili 2007-2011, PhD 2011, 'Free Heyting algebras', Lectures at Benghazi University, Libya.

Simon Rose 2007-2011, PhD 2011, 'Classification of countable homogeneous 2-graphs'. Works at the government's Intellectual Property office in Cardiff.

Aisha Abogatma 2008-2012 PhD 2013 'Homogeneous lattices and automorphisms'. Lectures at Benghazi University, Libya.

Mayra Montalvo-Ballesteros 2009-2013 PhD 2013 'Constructions of uncountable rigid structures'. Teaches, now living in New Zealand

Robert Barham 2010-2014 PhD 2014 'The reconstruction of cycle-free partial orders from their automorphism groups'. Held a 1-year postdoctoral position at the University of Dresden, Germany. Robert ah a 3-year position at Exeter University, and is now working at Bristol University.

Cong Chen 2010-2014 PhD 2014 'Diamond-free partial orders'. Cong is currently working in Cambridge, writing software with medical applications.

David Bradley-Williams 2009-2015 PhD 2015 'Jordan groups and homogeneous structures'. (jointly supervised by Dugald Macpherson). David held a temporary lectureship at the University of Central Lancashire, and now has a 3-year assistantship in Dusseldorf.

Jacob Hilton, 2013-2016 PhD 2016 'Combinatorics of countable ordinal topologies'. Works for Jane Street.

Lovkush Agarwal, 2012-2016 PhD 2016 'Reducts of aleph-zero categorical structures'. Temporary lecturer at the University of Leicester.

Supakun Panasawatwong, 2015-2019 PhD 2019 'Dedekind-finite cardinals and model-theoretic structures'. Lecturer in Thailand at Thammasat University.

Carolyn Barker, 2015-2019 PhD 2019 'Games on partial orders and other relational structures'. Works for Softwire in London.

Former MSc student:

Kaushik Sundararajan MSc by research, 2009, Study of Borel and projective sets.

Former Diplom students:

Daniel Seidel (Freiberg) Diplomarbeit 2007-8 'Classification of the countable homogeneous multipartite graphs'.

Roman Ammann (Heidelberg) Diplomarbeit 2008-9 'Blackwell games'.

Current research Students:

Milette Riis
John Howe

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