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LMS Undergraduate Summer School

University of Leeds, 14th-26th July 2019

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The LMS Undergraduate Summer School is open to mathematics undergraduates who will enter their final year Autumn 2019. Registration is now closed.

Registered participants should read the practical information page for details of arrival times, facilities etc.

The LMS Summer School has taken place every summer since 2015. For more information about previous Schools see https://www.lms.ac.uk/events/lms-summer-schools#Current

Course lecturers Colloquium speakers
Sira Gratz
Tomas Johansson
Marianne Johnson
Saul Schleimer
Norbert Peyerimhoff
Paul Sutcliffe
Nick Bingham
Martin Bridson
Peter Cameron
Mirna Dzamonja
Mariya Ptashnyk
Gwyneth Stallard
Priya Subramanian
Sanju Velani

Derek Harland
Vladimir Kisil
Dugald MacPherson
Alison Parker

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