Versions of most of these papers may be downloaded from my author page on the arXiv. Or try Mathscinet.

PhD thesis:


  1. On quasi-heredity and cell module homomorphisms in the symplectic blob algebra.
    Joint with R. M. Green and P. P. Martin
  2. Decomposition matrices and blocks for the symplectic blob algebra over the complex field.
    Joint with O. H. King and P. P. Martin
  3. On the non-generic representation theory of the symplectic blob algebra.
    Joint with R. M. Green and P. P. Martin
  4. Some remarks on a result of Jensen and tilting modules for SL_3(k) and q-GL_3(k)


  1. Indecomposable tilting modules for the blob algebra.
    J. Algebra 568 (2021), 273-313.
    Joint with A. Hazi and P. P. Martin
    published version.
  2. On central idempotents in the Brauer algebra.
    J. Algebra 512 (2018), 20-46.
    Joint with O. H. King and P. P. Martin
    published version.
  3. Stabilisation of the LHS spectral sequence for algebraic groups.
    J. Lie Theory 25 (2015), 3, 807-813.
    Joint with D. I. Stewart.
    published version.
  4. First cohomology groups for finite groups of Lie type in defining characteristic
    Bull. London Math. Soc. (2014), 46, 227-238
    Joint with D. I. Stewart.
    published version.
  5. Bounding and unbounding higher extensions for SL_2
    J. Algebra 389 (2013), 98-118.
    Joint with K. Erdmann and K. C. Hannabuss.
  6. A family of Koszul self-injective algebras with finite Hochschild cohomology.
    J. Pure and Applied Algebra 216 (2012), no. 5, 1245-1252.
    Joint with N. J. Snashall
  7. A presentation for the symplectic blob algebra.
    J. Algebra Appl. 11, (2012), no. 3, 1250060, 22pp.
    Joint with R. M. Green and P. P. Martin
  8. Delta-filtered modules and nilpotent orbits of a parabolic subgroup in O_N,
    J. Pure Appl. Algebra 215 (2011), no. 5, 885-901.
    Joint with K. Baur and K. Erdmann
  9. Higher extensions between modules for SL_2.
    Advances in Mathematics 209 (2007), 381-405.
    abstract, published version (on ScienceDirect).
  10. Towers of recollement and bases for diagram algebras: planar diagrams and a little beyond.
    J. Algebra 316 (2007), no. 1, 392-452.
    Joint with R. M. Green and P. P. Martin
    abstract, published version (on ScienceDirect).
  11. Homomorphisms between Weyl modules for SL_3(k).
    Joint with A. G. Cox.
    Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 358, no. 9, (2006), 4159-4207.
    abstract, published version (on AMS website), colour example 1 (11kB), colour example 2 (11kB).
  12. Representation theory of towers of recollement: theory, notes, and examples.
    Joint with A. G. Cox, P. P. Martin and C. Xi.
    J. Algebra 302 (2006), 340-360.
    abstract, published version (on ScienceDirect).
  13. Good l-filtrations for q-GL_3(k).
    J. Algebra 304, (2006), 157-189.
    abstract, published version (on ScienceDirect).
  14. Homomorphisms and Higher Extensions for Schur algebras and symmetric groups.
    Joint with A. G. Cox.
    J. Algebra Appl. 4 no. 6 (2005) 645-670
    abstract, published version (on World Scientific website),
  15. On the global and nabla-filtration dimensions of quasi-hereditary algebras.
    Joint with K. Erdmann.
    J. Pure and Appl. Algebra (2004), 194, 95-111
    abstract, published version (on the JPAA website).
  16. On the relation between finitistic and good filtration dimensions.
    Joint with V. Mazorchuk.
    Comm. Alg. 32 (2004), no. 5 1903-1917
    abstract, published version (on the Comm. Alg. website).
  17. On the good filtration dimension of Weyl modules for a linear algebraic group.
    J. reine angew. Math. 562 (2003), 5-21, with an appendix by Steen Ryom-Hansen, same issue 23-26.
    abstract, published version (on crelle's website), appendix (also on crelle's website).
  18. The Global Dimension of Schur Algebras for GL_2 and GL_3,
    J. Algebra 241 (2001), 340-378,
    abstract, published version (on ScienceDirect).

I also have some p-adic graph paper for SL_3 which we used in the homomorphisms paper. These are in xfig and postscript format. These files have all been compressed (with gzip) to save space, and are around the 3kB mark.

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