Paper Abstract


On the relation between finitistic and good filtration dimensions


In this paper we discuss generalizations of the concepts of good filtration dimension and Weyl filtration dimension, introduced by Friedlander and Parshall for algebraic groups to properly stratified algebras. We introduce the notion of the \emph{finitistic $\Delta$-filtration dimension} for such algebras and show that the finitistic dimension for such an algebra is bounded by the sum of the finitistic $\Delta$-filtration dimension and the $\overline{\nabla}$-filtration dimension. In particular the finitistic dimension must be finite. We also conjecture that this bound is exact when the algebra has a simple preserving duality. We give several examples of well-known algebras where this is the case, including many of the Schur algebras, and blocks of category $\mathcal{O}$. We also give an explicit combinatorial formula for the global dimension in this case.

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