Paper Abstract


Modelling Richardson orbits for SO_N via Delta-filtered modules


We study the Delta-filtered modules for the Auslander algebra of k[T]/T^n\rtimes C_2 where C_2 is the cyclic group of order two. The motivation for this is the bijection between parabolic orbits in the nilradical of a parabolic subgroup of SL_n and certain Delta-filtered modules for the Auslander algebra of k[T]/T^n as found by Hille and Roehrle and Bruestle et al. Under this bijection, the Richardson orbit (i.e. the dense orbit) corresponds to the Delta-filtered module without self-extensions. It has remained an open problem to describe such a correspondence for other classical groups.

In this paper, we establish the Auslander algebra of k[T]/T^n\rtimes C_2 as the right candidate for the orthogonal groups. In particular, for any parabolic subgroup of an orthogonal group we construct a map from parabolic orbits to Delta-filtered modules and show that in the case of the Richardson orbit, the result has no self-extensions. One of the consequences of our work is that we are able to describe the extensions between special classes of Delta-filtered modules. In particular, we show that these extensions can grow arbitrarily large.

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