PhD students Leeds

    18. Yang (George) Lu, EU EID Eagre: high-seas wave-impact modelling, with Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, 11-2020-2023
    17. Wajiha Rehman, EU EID Eagre: high-seas wave-impact modelling, with Maritime Research Institute Netherlands, 11-2020-2023
    16. Jonathan Bolton, CDT Fluid Dynamics. Testing and optimising a novel wave-energy device. 2020-2023, with supervisors Duncan Borman and Harvey Thompso.
    15. Janet Peifer, Oct. 2018-2021, Numerical weather modelling of strongly rotating convection with phase changes. Co-supervisor with supervisor Steve Tobias, funding via Steve's ERC.
    14. Joseph Elmes, Oct. 2018-2021, Coastal oceanography. NERC DTP, co-supervisor with supervisor Stephen Griffiths.
    13. Luca Cantarello, Investigating satellite radiance data assimilation at different scales in an idealised convective modelling framework Sept. 2017-2021, advisors Onno Bokhove and Steve Tobias, Gordon Inverarity and Stefano (Met Office) Thesis submitted June 2021.

    12. Will(iam) Booker (EPSRC DTC Fluid Dynamics) on Internal gravity waves, 2015-2018.
    with Dr Mark Walkley (Leeds), Profs. Leo Maas (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research) and Sybren Drijfhout (Southampton). Now working at Met Office

    11. Erily Moulopoulou PhD Oct. 2014-2018
    Benchmark Modelling of Breaking 1D Waves and Dynamic Shingle Beaches (Funded NERC DTP, submitted Nov 2018; viva minor corrections passed on 15-01-2019)
    10. Tomasz Salwa, On variational modelling of wave slamming by water waves. ESR/PhD European Industry Doctorate Sept. 2014-2018. Viva minor corrections Nov 2018.
    together with Prof. Mark Kelmanson (Leeds), Dr. Tim Bunnik & Geert Kapsenberg (MARIN)
    9. Floriane Gidel, ESR/PhD European Industry Doctorate Sept. 2014-2018. Viva July 2018
    Dissertation Variational water-wave models and pyramidal freak waves. together with Prof. Mark Kelmanson (Leeds), Dr. Tim Bunnik & Geert Kapsenberg (MARIN)
    8. Tom Kent, PhD Spring 2013-2016
    An idealised fluid model of NWP: dynamics and data assimilation. together with Prof. Steve Tobias (Leeds), Prof. Keith Ngan and Dr. Gordon Inverarity (Met Office). Dissertation 03-03-2017

Postdoctoral Investigators/Coordinators Leeds

    1. Anna Kalogirou, postdoc, FastFEM: fast ships in waves, EPSRC funded, June 30th 2014-2016.
    2. Tiffany Aslam (50%, PhD required), coordinator, EPSRC Living with Environmental Change network "Maths Foresees". May 2015-May 2018.
    3. Tom Kent on Wetropolis and EMPIRE, EPSRC Network/Impact Accelerator funded, 2016 till May/June.

MMath/MSc Students Leeds

    0. Kieran Newman, Modelling the transition of tides to bores. 2015. MSc. Now PhD in Liverpool.
    1. Chloe Baker, Making a splash with solitons. 2016/2017. MMath.
    2. Luke Barber, Wetropolis flood demonstrator. 2016/2017. Mmath.
    3. Lucy Todd, Shocking granular flows. 2017/2018. MMath.

PhD students Twente finished

    7. Elena Gagarina, Ph.D. 15-09-2010 to 03-10-2014. PI.
    "Compatible Schemes for Coastal Hydrodynamics". Funded by: NWO.
    Oct. 3rd 2014.
    6. Wenny Kristina, M.Sc.-Ph.D. 08-2007 to 02-10-2014 (1 yr teaching break), NWO. Co-PI
    Modelling of tsunami's. With Prof. Brenny van Groesen. Oct. 2nd 2014
    5. Shavarsh Nurijanyan, Ph.D. 01-11-2008/09-10-2013, STW. PI.
    "A numerical wave tank for complex wave and current interactions."
    Companies: MARIN/NIOZ/Deltares/Alkyon/TU Delft.
    4. Henk Sollie, Ph.D. 2003/16-04-2010.
    "Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Two-Fluid Modeling." With Jaap van der Vegt.
    3. Sander Rhebergen, funding: IMPACT Ph.D 2005/05-02-2010. Co-PI. Now in Waterlook, Canada.
    2. Vijaya Ambati, International M.Sc. (2002) and Ph.D. 2003/08-02-2008. PI.
    Funding: bonus for my KNAW-fellowship.
    "Space-time discontinous Galerkin method for Water-wave Equations." Postdoc with us. As of 07-2011: Researcher at Twister BV/Qatar Petroleum..
    1. Pablo Tassi, 2003/13-09-2007, PI
    Visiting Ph.D. student on an EU-Alban scholarship, co-supervision with Prof. Carlos Vionnet (Argentina). "Discontinous Galerkin method for Shallow Water Equations forecasting river flows." Postdoc in Paris. Now working at The EDF group in Paris.

Postdoctoral Investigators Twente

  • Dr. Thomas Weinhart August 2009-2011: DGFEM for Heterogeneous multiscale modelling of polydisperse, nonuniform dry granular flows. Funding by IMPACT. PI.
  • Anthony Thornton September 2009-2010. Now a lecturer at Mech. Eng. 3TU-funds.
  • Drs. Casper Buitendijk, June-September 2003.
  • Ir. Erik Bernsen, December 2003- July 2004. Discontinuous Galerkin finite element approximations of 2D vorticity equations with linear elliptic inversions and circulation. Now works at PDS.
  • Dr. Djoko Wirosoetisno, Postdoc funded in part by Twente Institute of Mechanics, Jan. 2002-July 2002. Now at University of Durham.
  • Dr. Mousa Al-Tarazi, April 2004- May 2005. Flow of granular matter in thin layers. PI. Impact Transition project. Postdoc Chemical Engineering with Prof. Hans Kuipers and dr. Martin van SintAnnaland.
  • Bert Vreman Dec. 2004- Jan. 2005 Impact postdoc on granular flows. Now at Akzo Nobel Arnhem. PI.
  • Dr. Micheline Abbas 2008-2010. Slurry flows in contractions. Impact transition project. Postdoc Chemical Engineering with Prof. Hans Kuipers and Martin van der Hoef. Now staff at FERMAT Institute, University of Toulouse. Co-PI.