Basic Course in Statistics: Further Details

is a two-day course suitable for those who are reasonably numerate but who have no previous statistical knoweldge, or, whose statistical knowledge is a little 'rusty'.

Summary & Presentation of Data - Mean, Standard Deviation, Boxplots, Histograms etc

The Normal Distribution & Probability

Decision-Making Using Hypothesis Tests

You can take Part One in the same week as Part Two, or, choose just to take Part One only.

is a two and a half day course suitable for those who have either completed Part One, or, have a knowledge of Statistics at least to the above level.

A Review of Decision-Making Using Hypothesis Tests

Accuracy of Estimation of Mean using Confidence Limits

Comparison of Two Means

Non-Parametric Testing

Chi-Squared Tests

Simple and Multiple Regression

You can take Part One in the same week as Part Two or choose just to take Part Two only.


  • “Very challenging but actually an enjoyable and useful course!”
  • “Good lectures and friendly and helpful during the practical elements.”
  • “Thank you! On the whole it has been very helpful and we will be able to apply these theories to our own data/research.”
  • “Very clear - excellent.”
  • “Very helpful and patient even attending to the 'least' important questions...I'm glad that I signed up for this.”
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