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  1. Kalvis Jansons and Grant Lythe
    Exponential timestepping with boundary test for stochastic differential equations.
    SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing 24 1809 (2003)

  2. Grant Lythe and Franz Mertens
    Rice's ansatz for overdamped Ø4 kinks at finite temperature
    Physical Review E  67  027601   (2003)

  3. Grant Lythe and Salman Habib.
    Kinks in a Stochastic PDE
    p435-444 in proceedings of the IUTAM symposium on Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamics N. Sri Namachchivaya and Y.K.Lin (Eds.)  (2003)

  4. Alp T. Findikoglu, Roberto Camassa, Grant Lythe and Q.X. Jia.
    Dielectric nonlinearity and stochastic effects in strontium titanate
    Applied Physics Letters 80 3391 (2002)

  5. Salman Habib, Katja Lindenberg, Grant Lythe and Carmen Molina-París.
    Diffusion-limited reacion in one dimension: paired and unpaired nucleation
    Journal of Chemical Physics 115 73-89 (2001)

  6. Grant Lythe and Salman Habib.
    Stochastic PDEs: convergence to the continuum?
    Computer Physics Communications   142 29 (2001)

  7. Kalvis Jansons and Grant Lythe
    Efficient numerical solution of stochastic differential equations using exponential timestepping
    Journal of Statistical Physics 100 1097 (2000)

  8. Salman Habib and Grant Lythe
    Dynamics of kinks: nucleation, diffusion and annihilation
    Physical Review Letters 84 1070 (2000).

  9. Luís Bettencourt, Salman Habib and Grant Lythe
    Controlling one-dimensional Langevin dynamics on the lattice
    Physical Review D 60 105039 (1999).

  10. Grant Lythe and M.R.E. Proctor
    Predictability of noise-controlled dynamics
    Physica D 133 362 (1999).

  11. Esteban Moro and Grant Lythe
    Dynamics of defect formation
    Physical Review E 59 R1303-1306 (1999).

  12. Kalvis Jansons and Grant Lythe
    Stochastic Stokes' drift
    Physical Review Letters 81 3136-3139 (1998).

  13. J.C. Celet, D. Dangoisse, P. Glorieux, Grant Lythe and T. Erneux
    Slowly passing through resonance strongly depends on noise
    Physical Review Letters 81 975-978 (1998).

  14. A. T. Findikoglu, Q. X. Jia, D. W. Reagor, Y. Fan, Grant Lythe, R. A. Camassa, D. Cai, N. Gronbech-Jensen and A. R. Bishop
    New potential applications of nonlinear dielectrics: microwave solitons and stochastic resonance
    Integrated Ferroelectrics 22 259-268 (1998).

  15. Kalvis Jansons and Grant Lythe
    Stochastic Calculus: application to dynamic bifurcations and threshold crossings
    Journal of Statistical Physics 90 227-251 (1998).

  16. Grant Lythe
    Stochastic PDEs: domain formation in dynamic transitions
    Proceedings of FISES 97, J.A. Cuesta and A S'anchez, eds. (Editorial del CIEMAT, Madrid, 1998).

  17. Grant Lythe, T. Erneux, A. Gavrielides and V. Kovanis.
    Low pump limit of the bifurcation to periodic intensities in a semiconductor laser subject to external optical feedback
    Physical Review A 55 4443-4448 (1997).

  18. A. Gavrielides, V. Kovanis, P.M. Varangis, T.Erneux and Grant Lythe
    Coexisting periodic attractors in injection-locked diode lasers
    Quantum and semiclassical optics 9 785-796 (1997).

  19. Grant Lythe
    Domain formation in dynamic transitions with noise
    Physical Review E 53 R4271-4274 (1996).

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