Dynamics of defect formation

Physical Review E 59 R1303-1306 (1999)

Esteban Moro

Departmento de Mathematicas, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
E-28911 Leganes, Madrid, SPAIN.

G.D. Lythe

Centre for Nonlinear Studies
Los Alamos National Laboratory
NM87545, USA.


A dynamic symmetry-breaking transition with noise and inertia is analyzed. Exact solution of the linearized equation that describes the critical region allows precise calculation (exponent and prefactor) of the number of defects produced as a function of the rate of increase of the critical parameter. The procedure is valid in both the overdamped and underdamped limits. In one space dimension, we perform quantitative comparison with numerical simulations of the nonlinear nonautonomous stochastic partial differential equation and report on signatures of underdamped dynamics.

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