The Soft Matter Mailing List

The Soft Matter Mailing List is an email distribution list run on servers at the University of Leeds. This mailing list is for information related to soft condensed matter, which is the science of liquid crystals, polymers, surfactants, colloids, gels and networks, and biologically motivated physics. Currently the list has over 2000 members with world-wide coverage.

Feel free to use the list to distribute job postings, meeting announcements, and other items of interest to the soft matter community.

Please do not use this list to advertise yourself for employment or send CVs speculatively.

Commercial use or advertising is not permitted. It is also not appropriate to use the list for personal expression or social interactions.

External access to the mailing list is now possible only through email commands; it is NOT possible to access the mailman web interface from outside the University of Leeds. So, this page is intended to give a summary of the most likely commands you will need to manage your subscription to the mailing list.

Sending an email to the list

Send soft-matter mailing list submissions (i.e. emails that you wish to be distributed to the entire mailing list) to

soft-matter 'at'

Please do not send "subscribe" requests to this email address. It will not work. See the section immediately below on how to subscribe.

If you send your email from an address not recognised by the list server, then your email will be sent to the list administrators for moderation. Please note, we get an increasing number of emails for moderation, and it is a bit time consuming to moderate them all. We would prefer that you subscribe, and then send your email!

Emails greater than 1Mb in size will also be sent to the list administrators. As a rule, we don't allow such emails to go out, so if your email has a large attachment you will most likely get a message from us to resubmit with a smaller attachment!

Subscribing or unsubscribing

Subscribe or unsubscribe by sending a message with subject or body:

soft-matter-request 'at'

NOTE: After you send this message, you should get a return email asking for confimation that you wish to subscribe. If you do not receive this email, then please check your spam/junk folder - it may be there. You will not be subscribed until you have completed the instructions in the return email.

In many cases the email address you originally signed up with many years ago ( may have been replaced (e.g. If so, then you may have trouble accessing the list. If that happens, it may be easier to unsubscribe and resubscribe. You can do this by sending the following commands to soft-matter-request 'at'

unsubscribe PASSWORD 
[if you get the wrong password you will be asked to confirm by email].

Other options include:
subscribe nodigest
Subscribe to receive emails one-by-one.
subscribe digest
Subscribe to receive emails as a single daily digest.
subscribe nodigest address=OTHER.EMAIL@UNIVERSITY.EDU
Subscribe so that emails are sent to a different email address to the one you are sending from

Other email commands

email Command summary:
email overview:

And in case that doesn't work

You can reach the person managing the list at

soft-matter-owner 'at'

Daniel Read and Peter Olmsted