Professor Mauro Mobilia
Applied Mathematics






Qualifications: PhD and MSc (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne EPFL); Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Boston University and Virginia Tech.); Humboldt Research Fellow (University of Munich LMU); Advanced Research Fellow (University of Warwick); Lecturer then Associate Professor (School of Mathematics, University of Leeds); Present: Professor of Applied Mathematics (Chair) at the University of Leeds

Brief CV and citations summary:  2-page CV (03/2022) 
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Expertise & Research Interests: statistical mechanics applied to population dynamics of complex systems in the life and behavioural sciences

  • Evolutionary & Population Dynamics in the Life Science: Evolutionary games, Individual-based predator-prey models, population genetics models
  • Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: Fluctuation-driven phenomena, stochastic nonlinear processes, exact and field-theoretic methods  for interacting-particle systems
  • Complex Dynamics in Behavioural Science: Cooperation and Opinion dynamics, evolution on complex networks

EPSRC/NSF project: Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics of Fluctuating Populations

Postdoctoral Research Associate: Dr Lluís Hernández-Navarro

Current PhD students: Xiang Li, Matthew Asker

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Full list of publications: available here

Some recent publications (selection)

  • S. Islam, A. Mondal, M. Mobilia, S. Bhattacharyya, and C. Hens,  Effect of mobility in the rock-paper-scissor dynamics with high mortality. Physical Review E 105, 014215:1-7 (2022). Article.. E-print.
  • X. Li, M. Mobilia, A. M. Rucklidge, and R.K.P. Zia,  Effects of homophily and heterophily on preferred-degree networks: mean-field analysis and overwhelming transition Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 013402:1-27 (2022). Article. E-print.
  • X. Li, M. Mobilia, A. M. Rucklidge, and R.K.P. Zia,  How does homophily shape the topology of a dynamic network? Physical Review E 104, 044311:1-12 (2021). Article. E-print.
  • S. Shibasaki, M. Mobilia, and S. Mitri,  Exclusion of the fittest predicts microbial community diversity in fluctuating environments. Journal of the Royal Society Interface: 18: 20210613,1-13 (2021). Article. E-print.
  • A. Taitelbaum, R. West, M. Assaf, and M. Mobilia,  Population Dynamics in a Changing Environment: Random versus Periodic Switching. Physical Review Letters 125, 048105:1-5 (2020). Article Preprint (main text). Main text + Supplementary Material merged. E-print .
  • F. Peruzzo, M. Mobilia, and S. Azaele, Spatial patterns emerging from a stochastic process near criticality. Physical Review X 10, 011032 (2020) Article. Paper. E-print. bioRxiv E-print.
  • R. West and M. Mobilia, Fixation properties of rock-paper-scissors games in fluctuating populations. Journal of Theoretical Biology 491, 110135 (2020). Article. Paper. Supplementary Material. E-print (main text & supplementary merged). Figshare resources.
  • K. Wienand, E. Frey, and M. Mobilia,  Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics of a Population with Randomly Switching Carrying Capacity. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 15, 20180343:1-12 (2018).  Article.   Preprint (main text). Supplementary Material. E-print (main text & supplementary merged).    Supplementary Info & Resources on figshare.
  • R. West, M. Mobilia, and A. M Rucklidge, Survival behavior in the cyclic Lotka-Volterra model with a randomly switching reaction rate. Physical Review E 97 (2018), 022406:1-14. Article. Paper. E-print.
  • K. Wienand, E. Frey, and M. Mobilia,  Evolution of a Fluctuating Population in a Randomly Switching Environment. Physical Review Letters 119 (2017), 158301:1-6. Article. Paper. E-print.  Supplementary Material.  Lay Summary.  Accompanying videos: here (mp4) or here (ogv). In the news: UoL and LMU press releases, featured in   Long Room  and Alpha Galileo
  • U. Dobramysl, M. Mobilia, M. Pleimling, and U. C. Täuber, Stochastic population dynamics in spatially extended predator-prey systems. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 51 (2018), 063001:1-47. (Topical Review.) On the cover of Journal of Physics A. Article. E-print. Paper.
  • D. Sabsovich, M. Mobilia, and M. Assaf, Large Fluctuations in Anti-Coordination Games on Scale-Free Graphs. Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 053405 (2017), 1-23.   Article. Paper. E-print.
  • A. Mellor, M. Mobilia, and R. K. P. Zia,  Heterogeneous Out-of-Equilibrium Nonlinear q-Voter Model with Zealotry. Physical Review E 95 (2017), 012104:1-15.   Article. Paper. E-print.
  • M. Mobilia, A. M. Rucklidge, and B. Szczesny,  The Influence of Mobility Rate on Spiral Waves in Spatial Rock-Paper-Scissors Games. Games 7, 24 (2016).  Article. Paper. E-print.
  • A. Mellor, M. Mobilia, and R. K. P. Zia,  Characterization of the Nonequilibrium Steady State of a Heteogeneous Nonlinear q-Voter Model with Zealotry. EPL 113, (2016) 48001:1-6. (Editor's Choice). Article. Paper. E-print.  Supplementary material: here or here
  • S. Widder et al., Challenges in microbial ecology: building predictive understanding of community function and dynamics. The ISME Journal 7, 2557 (2016).  Article.   Advance on-line publication.
  • M. Mobilia,  Nonlinear q-voter model with inflexible zealots. Physical Review E 92 (2015), 012803:1-11.   Article.   E-print.   Paper.
  • A. Mellor, M. Mobilia, S. Redner, A. M. Rucklidge and J. A. Ward,  Influence of Luddism on Innovation Diffusion. Physical Review E 92 (2015), 012806:1-10.   Article. E-print.   Paper
  • B. Szczesny, M. Mobilia, and A. M. Rucklidge,  Characterization of spiraling patterns in spatial rock-paper-scissors games. Physical Review E 90 (2014), 032704:1-14.  Article.  E-print.
  • A. Szolnoki, M. Mobilia, L.-L. Jiang, B. Szczesny, A. M. Rucklidge, and M. Perc, Cyclic dominance in evolutionary games: A review. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 11, 20140735:1-20 (2014).  Article.  Paper.  E-print.
  • A. Szolnoki, M. Perc, and M. Mobilia, Facilitators reveal the optimal interplay between information exchange and reciprocity.  Physical Review E 89 (2014), 042802:1-8. Article.  E-print.
  • M. Mobilia, Evolutionary games with facilitators: When does selection favor cooperation? Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 56 (2013), 113-123. Special issue on "collective behavior and evolutionary games". Article. E-print.
  • M. Assaf, M. Mobilia, and E. Roberts, Cooperation dilemma in finite populations under fluctuating environments. Physical Review Letters 111 (2013), 238101:1-5. Article. Supplemental Material. E-print.
  • B. Szczesny, M. Mobilia, and A. M. Rucklidge, When does cyclic dominance lead to stable spiral waves? EPL 102, (2013) 28012:1-6. Article. E-print. Supplementary material and movies (also available here).
  • M. Mobilia, Commitment versus persuasion in the three-party constrained voter model. Journal of Statistical Physics 151 (2013), 69-91. Special issue on the "applications of statistical mechanics to social phenomena". ArticleE-print
  • M. Mobilia, Stochastic dynamics of the prisoner's dilemma with cooperation facilitators. Physical Review E 86 (2012), 011134:1-9. ArticleE-print.
  • See  also this paperLink to journal.  (Physical Review E 88 (2013), 046102:1-3). 
  • M. Assaf* and M. Mobilia*, Metastability and anomalous fixation in evolutionary games on scale-free networksPhysical Review Letters 109 (2012), 188701:1-5. Article. E-print
  • M. Mobilia, Fixation and Polarization in a Three-Species Opinion Dynamics Model. EPL 95, (2011) 50002:1-6. Article. E-print
  • Q. He, M. Mobilia, and U. C. Täuber, Coexistence in the two-dimensional May-Leonard model with random ratesEuropean Physical Journal B 82 (2011), 97-105. Article. E-print
  • M. Assaf* and M. Mobilia*, Fixation of a Deleterious Allele under Mutation Pressure and Finite Selection Intensity. Journal of Theoretical Biology 275 (2011), 93-103. Article. E-print
  • Q. He, M. Mobilia, and U. C. Täuber, Spatial Rock-Paper-Scissors Models with Inhomogeneous Reaction Rates. Physical Review E 82 (2010), 051909:1-11. Article. E-print 
  • M. Assaf and M. Mobilia, Large Fluctuations and Fixation in Evolutionary Games. J. Stat. Mech., (2010) P09009:1-24. ArticleE-print
  • M. Mobilia and M. Assaf, Fixation in Evolutionary Games under Non-Vanishing Selection. EPL 91, (2010) 10002:1-6. ArticleE-print
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  • T. Reichenbach, M. Mobilia and E. Frey, Noise and Correlations in a Spatial Population Model with Cyclic Competition, Physical Review Letters  99, (2007) 238105:1-4. Article. EPAPS Supplementary NotesE-print. Selected for the 15 December 2007 issue of Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research
  • M. Mobilia, I. T. Georgiev and U. C. Täuber, Phase Transitions and Spatio-Temporal Fluctuations in Stochastic Lattice Lotka-Volterra Models, Journal of Statistical Physics 128, (2007): 447-483. Article. E-print
  • P. Pierobon, M. Mobilia, R. Kouyos and E. Frey, Bottleneck-induced transitions in a minimal model for intracellular transport, Physical Review E 74, (2006) 031906:1-13. Article. E-print. Selected for the 25 September 2006 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology
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  • M. Mobilia, B. Schmittmann and R. K. P. Zia, Exact dynamics of a reaction-diffusion model with spatially alternating rates, Physical Review E 71, (2005) 056129:1-12. Article. E-print
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  • M. Mobilia and S. Redner, Majority versus minority dynamics: Phase transition in an interacting two-state spin system, Physical Review E 68, (2003) 046106:1-11Article. E-print

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