The reports below have been produced by members of the Statistics Department in 2006.

In addition to these reports, a great deal of the work of the Statistics Department is published annually in the Proceedings of the Leeds Annual Statistics Research Workshop (LASR). Please see the LASR website for past proceedings.

Selected reports from 2005.

Some statistical issues in the assessment of crime reduction interventions
Marchant, P, Baxter, P.D., & Barber, S.
[Abstract] [pdf] [updated pdf]

An adaptive empirical Bayesian thresholding procedure for analysing microarray experiments with replication
Walls, R.E., Barber, S., Gilthorpe, M.S., & Kent, J.T.
[Abstract] [pdf] [updated pdf]
To appear in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series C

The downscaling of rain gauge time-series
Paulson, K. S., & Baxter, P. D.
[Abstract] [pdf]
This report has now appeared in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres, 112 (D9), D09105, 2007

Bayesian refinement of protein functional site matching
Mardia, K.V., Green, P.J., Nyirongo, V.B., Gold, N.D. & Westhead, D.R.
[Abstract] [pdf]
Additional files: [add1.pdf] [add2.pdf] [add3.pdf] [add4.pdf]

A line finding assignment problem and rock fracture modelling
Mardia, K.V., Walder, A.N., Xu, C., Dowd, P.A., Fowell, R.J., Nyirongo, V.B. & Kent, J.T.
[Abstract] [pdf]

MCMC implementation of rock fracture modelling
Mardia, K.V., Walder, A.N., Xu, C., Dowd, P.A., Fowell, R.J., Nyirongo, V.B. & Kent, J.T.
[Abstract] [pdf]

Intrinsic random fields and image deformations
Mardia, K.V., Bookstein, F.L., Kent, J.T. & Meyer, C.R
[Abstract] [pdf]
To appear in Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision
This report is an updated version of report STAT05-02

Bivariate von Mises densities for angular data with applications to protein bioinformatics
Mardia, K.V., Taylor, C.C. & Subramaniam, G.K.
[Abstract] [pdf]

A boundary-element approach for the complete-electrode model of EIT illustrated using simulated and real data
Aykroyd, R.G. & Cattle, B.A.
[Abstract] [pdf]
To appear in Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering

A flexible statistical and efficient computational approach to object location applied to electrical tomography
Aykroyd, R.G. & Cattle, B.A.
[Abstract] [pdf]
To appear in Statistics and Computing

Speed improvement of MCMC image reconstruction in tomography by partial linearization
West, R.M., Soleimani, M., Aykroyd, R.G., & Lionheart, W.R.B.
Now appears in International Journal of Tomography & Statistics, Vol. 4, 13-23, 2006

Recent advances in statistical modelling and analysis for electrical tomography without image reconstruction
Aykroyd, R.G., Barber, S., Cattle, B.A., Goodwin, D.A., & West, R.M.
[Abstract] [pdf]

Conditional-Bayes reconstruction for ERT data using resistance monotonicity information
Aykroyd, R.G., Soleimani, M., & Lionheart, W.R.B.
[Abstract] [pdf]
To appear in Measurement Science and Technology

Statistical estimation of interface-boundary shapes from electrical impedance tomographic measurements
Cattle, B.A., West, R.M., & Aykroyd, R.G.
To appear in the International Journal of Tomography and Simulation

Variability of the mechanical properties of bone, and its evolutionary consequences
Currey, J. D., Pitchford, J. W., & Baxter, P. D.
[Abstract] [pdf]
This report has now appeared in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 4, 127-135, 2007.

The distribution of the cross product ratio in the bivariate log normal distribution, with an application to non-randomised trials
Marchant, P. R., & Baxter, P. D.
[Abstract] [pdf]
Revised version: [pdf]

Modelling and predicting flow regimes using wavelet representations
Goodwin, D.A., Barber, S. & Aykroyd, R.G.
[Abstract] [pdf]

Reports from 2007