Homogeneous structures, bipartite graphs, and partial orders
University of Leeds

Homogeneous structures, bipartite graphs, and partial orders

February 1st 2006-January 31st 2009

EPSRC grant EP/D048249/1 was held at the University of Leeds from Feb 1st 2006-Jan 31st 2009. I give some details of this below.


Principal investigator, Professor J K Truss

Co-investigator, Professor H D Macpherson

Research assistants

Dr Robert Gray, Feb 1st 2006-Jan 31st 2008,

Dr Daniela Amato, Feb 1st 2008-Jan 31st 2009.

Visitors on the grant

Professor Manfred Droste, University of Leipzig,

Professor Cheryl Praeger, University of Western Australia

2-day meeting held on Aug 2nd, 3rd 2007


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