Modelling and control of infinite-dimensional systems

Modelling and control of infinite-dimensional systems

The London Mathematical Society supported a symposium with the above title at the University of Leeds from September 2nd until September 11th 1998.

The organizers were Jonathan Partington (Leeds) and Stuart Townley (Exeter).

Final programme

Wednesday 2nd September

10.00 Jonathan Partington (Leeds)
Normalized coprime factorizations and approximations of delay systems

11.30 Birgit Jacob (Leeds)
Realization of Inner Functions

14.00 Catherine Bonnet (Rocquencourt)
Robust controllers for delay systems with nonlinear actuators and sensors

Thursday 3rd September

10.00-11.00, 11.30-12.45, 14.00-14.45 (approx.)
Stuart Townley (Exeter) and Hartmut Logemann (Bath)
Low-gain integral control of regular systems
1. Multivariable low-gain integral control of regular systems
2. Low-gain integral control of regular linear systems subject to input nonlinearities

Friday 4th September

10.00 Pertti Mäkilä (Tampere)
Four Puzzles in Systems and Control

11.30 Angel Ribalta (Bremen)
Approximation of transfer functions of infinite dimensional dynamical systems by rational interpolants with prescribed poles

14.00 Hans Zwart (Twente)
The mixed sensitivity problem for SISO non-rational systems

Saturday 5th September
Excursion to Horton-in-Ribblesdale and Pen-y-ghent

Monday 7th September

10.00 Nicholas Young (Newcastle)
Commutant lifting and spectral interpolation

11.30 Laurent Baratchart (Sophia-Antipolis)
AAK theory in Lp

14.00 Hans Zwart (Twente)
Some remarks on two of George Weiss's conjectures

Tuesday 8th September

10.00 Richard Rebarber (Nebraska)
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Stabilization of Infinite-Dimensional Systems by Generalized Sampled-Data Control

11.30 Stuart Townley (Exeter)
Illuminating the gap between necessary and sufficient conditions in output feedback sampled-data stabilization of DPS

14.00 George Halikias (Leeds)
Super-optimal approximation methods in robust control

Wednesday 9th September

10.00 Tony Pritchard (Warwick) and Diederich Hinrichsen (Bremen)
Approximation of Spectral Value Sets

11.30 George Weiss (Exeter)
Inversions of systems

14.00 Keith Glover (Cambridge)
Analysis of systems with repeated scalar nonlinearities

Thursday 10th September

10.00 Joseph Winkin (Namur)
Spectral Factorization for Distributed Parameter Systems

11.30 Richard Rebarber (Nebraska)
Lack of Time-delay Robustness for Stabilization of a Structural Acoustics Model

14.00 David Oates (Exeter)
Band-limited approximation in L2([0,[infinity]),R)

Friday 11th September

10.00 Banu Ünalmis (Leeds)
Almost Periodic Functions and Wavelet Transforms

11.30 Michael Cantoni (Cambridge)
Useful Representations of Linear Periodically-Time-Varying Systems

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