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Pure Mathematics Postgraduate Seminar 2008-2009

School of Mathematics, University of Leeds

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General Information

The Pure Postgraduate Seminar is held, during term time, on Thursdays at 4pm. Attendees meet at 3:30pm in the common room for tea and biscuits. Pub trip follows at 5pm. See the notice board on Level 9, every Thursday, for more information and last minute changes.

The Pure Postgraduate Seminar for the year 2008/2009  will restart Thursday 22nd January. Have nice holidays.

Schedule - Spring 2009 

Venue: MALL 1, level 8, School of Mathematics, 4PM (unless otherwise stated).

22nd January
Charlotte Kestner
     Is Mathematics invented or discovered?
29th January
No seminar
5th February
Sam Elliott      Descriptive set theory
     in Banach spaces
12th February Alexandra Omar Aziz
    The representation theorem
     for projective spaces
19th February Abdelhamid El-Mabrok
     Some aspects of sequence
     spaces and infinite matrices
26th February  No seminar
5th March
Andrew Swan      Computability and group theory
12th March Rizos Sklinos
     P vs NP
19th March Pure Colloquium
27th March PurePG joint meeting Leeds-Manchester
EASTER BREAK                      
23rd April
Pure Colloquium
30th April
Andrew Reeves
     The Quantum Plane and its Symmetries
7th May
Nazar Miheisi      Mathematical Theory of communication
14th May
Davide Penazzi
     A back and forth story
21th May
 Tina Davies      TBA
28th May
 Aisha Abogatma

Past Seminars

Schedule - Autumn/Winter 2008

Venue: MALL 1, level 8, School of Mathematics, 4PM (unless otherwise stated).
16th October  @11.30AM
Gareth Boxall
     Waring`s problem
23th October
Dr. Dave Pauksztello     Nutritious title TBA
30th October
NO SEMINAR (Pure Colloquium)
6th November
Anthony Morphett      Fractal Dimension
13th November @2.30PM
Raquel Simoes
    Cluster Algebras: uma introdução
20th November
Graham Leigh
     What`s in a number?
27th November  Sam Elliott
POSTPONED   (Pure Colloquium)
4th December
Phil Ellison
    Order from disorder
11th December
Kyung Il Lee
   An introduction to the Turing universe


Some photos from last years` seminars are in the gallery here

Previous years

2007/2008 academic year
2006/2007 academic year
2005/2006 academic year
Previous years

Leeds/Manchester Combined Seminar

Once a year we hope to have a joint seminar with Manchester pure maths postgrads. This will take the form of an afternoon of short talks by Leeds and Manchester students, followed by dinner & quality time at the pub.

This year the event will be hold in Leeds the 27th of March.

Last combined seminar was at Manchester.

Further Information

The Pure Postgraduate Seminar is a forum for Pure PhD students to present short (roughly 1 hour, but it may be shorter) seminar style lectures to their colleagues. The topic is an area of mathematics, but it certainly doesn't have to be the speakers research topic (indeed, it is often best not to talk on your research). Generally people talk about interesting pieces of maths on which they have been lectured as undergraduates, or read about independently; however, anything of a mathematical theme is fair game.

Pure PhD students are encouraged to talk: it is excellent practise for presenting maths as the topic is generally less technical than your research, and the audience a lot more forgiving! However, talking is not mandatory. Attendance is a lot more mandatory than in previous years in the sense that it now counts as "training" and is attended by a member of staff (Dr. David Salinger) from whom feedback will be received. (The alternative to weekly attendance is a lot more of the "fun" and "exciting" professional development courses we all know about.) You will probably learn a lot about other areas of mathematics, and having a break from research is generally an excellent idea. Moreover, soon after the seminar, we usually decamp to a pub.

For the academic year 2007-2008, the seminar is organised by Charlotte Kestner and Davide Penazzi