Pure Postgraduate Seminar, 2005/2006

University of Leeds
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Spring/Summer Semester Programme 2006

12th May First Joint Leeds-Manchester Postgraduate Seminar, University of Manchester.
13th April School Colloquium, Prof Alexander Kirillov: "Geometry, Analysis and Arithmetic of Fractals"
30th March Pure Colloquium, Prof Nik Ruskuc: "Presentations of Subsemigroups"
23rd March Daniel S. Littlestone: "Affine Area Parallels and Symmetry Sets"
16th March Mariya Soskova: "Hilbert's Tenth Problem"
9th March Paul Ramsden: "The Kakeya Problem"
2nd March No seminar. :(
23rd February Manuel de la Rosa: "Two Open Questions"
16th February Stephen Barclay: "The Baire Category Theorem"
9th February Richard Marshall: "A Class of Transformations with Possible Applications in Cryptography"
2nd February David Knipe: "Set Theory for Dummies"
26th January Pietro dello Stritto: "Buildings"

Autumn/Winter Semester Programme 2005

8th December Graham Murphy: "Catalan Numbers"
1st December School Colloquium, Prof. John Toland FRS: "Linking, the Calculus of Variations, and Periodic Orbits of Indefinite Hamiltonian Systems"
24th November Pure Colloquium, Prof. Victor Buchstaber: "Multivalued Groups and their Applications"
17th November Bahareh Afshari: "Maximal Set Construction"
10th November Pure Colloquium, Dr. Vadim Kuznetsov: "Eigenproblem for Jacobi Matrices: Hypergeometric Series Solution"
3rd November No seminar. :(
27th October Gareth Boxall: "Generalised Farey Series"
20th October Elliott Spoors: "Logic in the Early 20th Century: Hilbert and Gödel"
13th October David Pauksztello: "Galois Theory and some Nutritious Applications"
6th October Elliott Spoors: "The `How To Give Good Talks' Talk"

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Manchester Postgraduate Seminar

For the academic year 2005-2006, the seminar was organised by Elliott Spoors and David Pauksztello.