Suggested Reading

Course 1: The geometry of soliton moduli spaces

Recommended reading for my lectures is:

Nick Manton

A PDF file for the OHP slides from lecture 3 (computation of the Samols formula for the metric on the vortex moduli space) is available here

Course 2: Supersymmetry and solitons

My lectures will be based partly on the TASI lectures hep-th/0509216 and partly on the vortex strings review arXiv:0809.5060. However no preliminary reading should be necessary to understand the lectures.

David Tong

Course 3: ADHM, Nahm and Fourier-Mukai transforms

The lectures will be based on the rough notes linked here.

Jacques Hurtubise

Roger Bielawski has written some notes on complex differential geometry which students unfamiliar with the subject might find useful. They are linked here

The problems sheets and exercises are also available below:

Guest Lectures

PDFs for the guest lectures on Monday 27/7/08 and Wednesday 29/7/09 are linked below: