Yorkshire Functional Analysis Group

Summer Term, 2009

Tuesday 28th April in Leeds
Eugene Shargorodsky (King's College, London)
Level sets of the resolvent norm and pseudospectra

Tuesday 5th May in Leeds
Dmitry Yakubovich (Madrid)
Spectral theory of nonselfadjoint operators and linear control    Abstract (PDF)

Tuesday 19th May in Leeds
Catalin Badea (Lille)
Variations on a theme by von Neumann    Abstract (text)

Monday 25th May in Lancaster
North British Functional Analysis Seminar (NBFAS)
Stephen Dilworth (South Carolina)
See NBFAS web page for further details.

Tuesday 23rd June in Leeds
Shital Patel (Kanpur, visiting Leeds)
Fréchet algebras, formal power series, and automatic continuity
MAGIC ROOM, 3pm-4pm

Tuesday 7th July in Leeds
Paula Cerejeiras (Aveiro)
Reconstructing of crystallographic structures with prescribed symmetries

Tuesday 21st July in Leeds
Nelson Faustino (Aveiro)
The role of Wigner quantum systems in Clifford analysis

Unless otherwise specified, seminars start at 3.30 p.m. Anybody interested is welcome to attend. Leeds meetings normally take place in MALL 2, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds. (There are campus maps here and a list of hotels here.)

Seminar organizer Matthew Daws.

Programme for Spring term 2009
Programme for Winter term 2009

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