At this time, David Salinger can help with accomodation for invited speakers. You will already (or will shortly) received an email detailling options.


International travel

We recommend either flying to London Heathrow or to Manchester airport. It may be possible to get cheap, bundled, connections direct to Leeds/Bradford airport (see below) but note that you probably cannot transfer via London to do this.

If you arrive at Heathrow, then take the London Underground to King's Cross. For information about London travel, see Transport for London.

From King's Cross, there are regular direct trains to Leeds, journey time about two and a half hours. If you are staying for less than a month, a return ticket will cost about 84 pounds. If you are staying for over a month, two single tickets will be neccessary: these will cost around 83 pounds each. It is possible to save a lot of money by booking early, but this will probably only be possible if you stay for over a month, and hence need to (and can) book a precise train for your return journey from Leeds to London.

Flights to Manchester will cost more, but the train from Manchester to Leeds costs only 24 pounds return, or 21 pounds single. Trains are also very regular, with a journey time of about an hour and 20 minutes. Remember to ask for a return ticket if you are staying for less than a month.

You can find further information about train travel in Britain from National Rail Enquiries. Unless you wish to try to take advantage of cheaper, pre-booked tickets, it is always possible to buy tickets at the station right before you travel.

For example, suppose you wish to travel from Toronto on the 10th May, returning on the 25th June. A flight to Heathrow will cost around 470 pounds, but this becomes 640 pounds once train fares and underground fares are taken into account. Flying to Manchester would cost exactly the same, but with much cheaper train tickets. Flights direct to Leeds cost about 820 pounds: substantially more! From Edmonton, the Manchester journey costs around 880 pounds; the journey via Heathrow will be around 1000 pounds; direct to Leeds about 945 pounds (although via the insane route of London, then Glasgow, then Leeds). All data from Opodo. Of course, your milage may vary!

For people travelling from Europe, it may be possible to fly directly to Leeds/Bradford airport. A bus or taxi can be taken from the airport into Leeds.

Local travel

If you are travelling from within the UK, we recommend taking the train, as parking on campus is very limited. It may be possible to park your car at a hotel, of course. There is extensive travel information from the main Leeds website. A map of the campus is available.

Travel to Valencia

There will be a break in our semester for the International Functional Analysis Meeting in Valencia, and we expect that some particpants will wish to travel to Valencia for this. It is not possible to fly from Leeds or Manchester directly to Valencia. Instead, for a reasonably priced fare, you will either have to travel to a London airport and fly to Valencia, or fly from Leeds/Manchester to a major city in Spain, and then travel within Spain to Valencia.

Garth Dales will take the latter option, and is happy to travel with others. He is booked with Jet 2 flying from Leeds to Barcelona on 6th June at 12:10, and returning 11 June at 13:15 (you may wish to return on the 12 June instead). There are regular trains from Barcelona to Valencia. You should be able to book tickets from within the UK via: Rail Europe, but I had little luck.

An alternative might be to take the Easy Jet flight from London Gatwick at 17:40 direct to Valencia, and return at 14:10 on the 12th. This is currently a little cheaper than the Jet 2 flight, but the train fare in the UK will be 93 pounds (or, currently, 63 if pre-booked: always a risk if connecting with flights). I couldn't find any other flights from the UK at a reasonable time, but your milage may vary.