University of Leeds Workshop on

Brackets, Reduction, and Integrability

Friday 17th/Saturday 18th May, 2019

This is one of 3 meetings, jointly organised by the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, and Loughborough on Classical and Quantum Integrability ( CQI ).

Abstracts (when available) are hyperlinked to the speakers below.

Friday, 17th May, 2019

Lectures will take place in MALL 1, School of Mathematics.

2.00pm: Vladimir Roubtsov (Angers)
Non-commutative Calogero–Painlevé systems and Ruijsenaars duality revisited
3.00pm: Ian Marshall (Moscow)
Action-Angle Duality for a Poisson-Lie Deformation of the Trigonometric BC_n Sutherland System
4.00pm: TEA/COFFEE Break (Common Room)
4.30pm: Daniele Valeri (Glasgow)
Differential-difference equations and deformations of W-algebras

This session will finish at 5.30pm

Saturday, 18th. May, 2019

Lectures will take place in MALL 1, School of Mathematics.

9.30am: Alexey Bolsinov (Loughborough)
Nijenhuis Geometry: singularities and global issues
10.30am: Rafaelle Vitolo (Lecce)
Three computational approaches to weakly nonlocal Poisson brackets
11.30am: TEA/COFFEE Break (Common Room)
12.00: Jing Ping Wang (Kent)
PreHamiltonian and Hamiltonian operators for differential-difference equations

The meeting will finish at about 1.00pm

Contact Vincent Caudrelier (email: ), Oleg Chalykh (email: ) or Allan Fordy (email: ) for further details, hotel bookings, etc.

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