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Luis de la Higuera Romero

Luis de la Higuera Romero

Early Stage Researcher / PhD student

School of Mathematics
University of Leeds
LS2 9JT Leeds
United Kingdom

September 2013 - September 2016



Luis did his Master and Bachelor degrees in Mathematics at the University of Granada, and is currently pursuing PhD at University of Leeds about modelling CD4 T-cell populations stochastically. He is interested in the application of maths in biology, particularly in what they can provide to a better understanding of the immune system.

QuanTI research project:

Studying the mechanisms involved in T-cell activation focusing on the crucial paper of co-stimulation for an effective immune response. For this purpose, interactions between receptors from T-cells and ligands on the APCs, as well as the trafficking of these molecules, need to be analyzed and the target is to do it from a stochastic point of view. At the same time, similar models will be developed for the study of homeostasis in the lymphatic system, in particular for the role of IL-2 and Quorum-sensing in CD4+ T cell homeostasis.


Prof. Carmen Molina-Paris and Prof. Grant Lythe University of Leeds
Prof. Antonio Freitas, Pasteur Institute



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