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London Mathematical Society Northern Regional Meeting and Workshop on Homogeneous Structures

July 19th-22nd, 2011

The London Mathematical Society Northern Regional Meeting will be held on the afternoon of Tuesday July 19th 2011. The speakers will be
Gregory Cherlin (Rutgers), The classification of homogeneous combinatorial structures,
Alexander Kechris (California Institute of Technology), The dynamics of automorphism groups of homogeneous structures.

The workshop on homogeneous structures will begin on the morning of July 19th, and will conclude on the afternoon of Friday July 22nd. The following have accepted invitations to speak:
Manuel Bodirsky (Ecole Polytechnique, LIX, Paris),
Peter Cameron (QMUL),
Gregory Cherlin (Rutgers), A catalog of metrically homogeneous graphs
Manfred Droste (Leipzig), Random contructions imply symmetry
David Evans (UEA), Primitive and highly arc transitive digraphs of finite out-valency
Robert Gray (Lisbon), Countable 2-arc-transitive bipartite graphs via partially ordered sets,`
Julien Melleray (Lyon 1), Applications of model-theoretic techniques to the study of Polish groups,
James Mitchell (St Andrews), Maximal subsemigroups of the semigroup of all functions on an infinite set ,
Jaroslav Nesetril (Charles University, Prague),
Michael Pinsker (Paris 7, Vienna, Jerusalem), Reducts of homogeneous structures 1: The Ramsey property,
Christian Rosendal (University of Illinois at Chicago), Finitely approximable groups and actions,
Katrin Tent (Muenster), Automorphism groups of homogeneous geometries,
Anatoly Vershik (St Petersburg), Universality, genericity, and randomness in geometry, combinatorics, and graph theory.

The main themes for the meeting are the following:
Classifications of classes of homogeneous structures
Homogeneous structures, omega-categoricity and model theory
Automorphism groups of homogeneous structures, and Polish groups
Homogeneous structures and structural Ramsey theory (work of Nesetril, Rodl, Hubicka, and others)
Homogeneous structures amd constraint satisfaction (work of Bodirsky, Pinsker, and others)

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