Yorkshire Functional Analysis Group

Winter Term, 2009

Tuesday 6th October
Pedro J. Miana (Zaragoza, Spain)
Fractional convolution algebras and semigroup theory

Tuesday 13th October
Nicholas Young (Leeds)
Boundary behaviour of functions in the Schur class of the bidisc

Tuesday 20th October
Paul Mitchener (Sheffield)
Notions of descent in coarse geometry

Tuesday 27th October, at 4pm
Joachim Zacharias (Nottingham)
Nuclear dimension of C*-algebras

Tuesday 3rd November
A.T.M. Lau (Edmonton, Canada)
Fixed point property for Banach algebras associated to locally compact groups: "In this talk, I will discuss various Banach algebras associated to a locally compact group with the weak or weak*-fixed point property for non-expansive mappings."

Tuesday 10th November, Roger Stevens LT 08
Alex Belton (Lancaster)
Quantum Feynman-Kac perturbations: "Given a one-parameter group of automorphisms of a von Neumann algebra, stochastic calculus may be used to obtain various semigroups on the algebra, by randomising and then averaging. For example, translation gives rise to the heat semigroup via Brownian motion. We will explain this procedure and how it applies to classical and quantum stochastic processes."

Tuesday 17th November
Pamela Gorkin (Bucknell, USA)
The Numerical Range: What's interpolation got to do with it?: "Every degree three Blaschke product that maps the origin to itself can be associated in a unique way with an ellipse with foci at the nonzero zeros of the Blaschke product. We discuss the degree n case as well as the situation for infinite Blaschke products. The answer to this question has implications to the study of numerical ranges as well as a well-known conjecture known as the Sendov conjecture. This talk is based on joint work with I. Chalendar and J. R. Partington as well as U. Daepp and K. Voss."

Tuesday 24th November at 4pm
John Weir (King's College London)
Real eigenvalues of a non-self-adjoint operator

Tuesday 1st December at 4pm
Sergei Rogosin (Minsk, Belarus)
Wavelet Analysis and its Applications: "General ideas of continuous and discrete wavelet transforms will be discussed. Main attention will be paid to modern applications of the wavelet analysis in creation and study of the mathematical models in medicine, economics and mathematical physics."

Tuesday 8th December
Yury Turovskii (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Monday 14th December, Roger Stevens LT18
David Blecher (Houston, USA)
Dual operator algebras and systems: "In the first part we will first introduce the structures we will be interested in, namely operator spaces, operator systems, operator algebras, and unital operator spaces. Then we discuss the duality theory of these objects. We give some open questions. In the second part we will focus on a special class of dual operator algebras, Arveson's noncommutative version of the Hardy spaces of the disk."

Unless otherwise specified, seminars start at 3.30 p.m. Anybody interested is welcome to attend. Leeds meetings normally take place in MALL 2, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds. (There are campus maps here and a list of hotels here.)

Seminar organizer Matthew Daws.

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