Wally Gilks

Professor Walter R Gilks, Director
Centre for Statistical Bioinformatics
Department of Statistics
School of Mathematics
University of Leeds
West Yorkshire

Tel: (+44) (113) 343 5119
Fax: (+44) (113) 343 5090
Email: wally.gilks@maths.leeds.ac.uk

Where's Wally?
Room 10.26, School of Mathematics Satellite, Red Route (Level 10),
E.C. Stoner Building, University Campus, Leeds

Current Interests


  • Code for Adaptive Rejection Sampling from complex univariate distributions, written in Fortran and C
  • Code for computing a metric to compare multiple DNA alignments or RNA structured alignments, written in C#
  • An R package SDSparsimony for detecting Specificity Determining Sites in multiple sequence alignments
  • An R package linkage3p for assessing the quality of a genetic linkage map

Previous Research at the Medical Research Council Biostatistics Unit

Recent Publications


Guy Medal in Silver awarded by the Royal Statistical Society in 2000


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