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MATH1712 — Probability and Statistics II

This page contains information, electronic copies of the handouts, and data sets for the MATH1712 module.


The following links provide pdf copies of the handouts from the lectures.

Lecture Notes

While I strongly recommend that you take notes of what I say and write in lectures, I also make a typed version of my notes available here. These notes are updated continuously as term progresses, and new versions will be uploaded regularly.


The following data sets were used in the module.

  1. poll results from the questionnaire in the first lecture
  2. There are some toy data sets for use in homework 4:
    ex04-1.csv, ex04-2.csv, ex04-3.csv
  3. The data for the linear regression in exercise 27 (homework 5):
  4. Data about fishing vessels in the UK (practical and homework 7):
    local copy: vessels.csv
  5. Some toy data for use in homework 7:


There are many introductions to basic statistic available, both online and in the form of published text books. A selection of text books about basic statistic which can be found in our libraries is listed below.