Professor K.V. Mardia
Some well-cited / recent publications / in press

He has published over 200 articles in refereed primary archival journals, 5 Research Monographs/Books and edited 25 volumes. He also has numerous conference presentations and other papers. Professor Mardia has had over 38,000 citations, and his citation H-index is 62 (Google Scholar).

Already Published (Number of citations given in square brackets for some references.)
2017    Golden, M., García-Portugués, E., Sørensen, M., Mardia, K. V., Hamelryck, T. and J. Hein. A generative angular model of protein structure evolution. MolecularBiology and Evolution, 34, 2085-2100
2016    Rueda, C., Fernandez, M.A., Barragan, S., Mardia, K.V. and Peddada, S.D. Circular piecewise regression with applications to cell-cycle data. Biometrics, 72,1266-1274.
2016 Dryden, I.L. and Mardia, K.V. Statistical Shape Analysis, with applications in R. Statistical Shape Analysis, Second edition. First edition in 1998. Wiley, Chichester. [3666]
2013    Mardia, K.V., Bookstein, F.L., and Kent, J.T. Alcohol, babies and the death penalty: Saving lives by analysing the shape of the brain. Significance, 10, 12-16
2013 Mardia, K.V. Statistical approaches to three key challenges in protein structural bioinformatics, J. Roy. Statist. Soc. C, 62, 487-514.
2013 Valentin, J., Andreetta, C., Boomsma, W., Bottaro, S., Ferkinghoff-Borg, J., Frellsen, J., Mardia, KV, Tian, P., Hamelryck, T. Formulation of probabilistic models of protein structure in atomic detail using the reference ratio method. Proteins 82: pp 288-299. .
2013 Olsson, S., Frellsen, J., Boomsma, W., Mardia, K.V., Hamelryck, T. Inference of structure ensembles of flexible biomolecules from sparse, averaged data. PLoS ONE. 8(11): e79439. .
2008Boomsma, W., Mardia, K.V., Taylor, C.C., Ferkinghoff-Borg, J., Krogh, A. and Hamelryck, T. A generative, probabilistic model of local protein structure. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105, 8932-8937. [121]
2006Green, P.J. and Mardia, K.V. Bayesian alignment using hierarchical models, with applications in protein bioinformatics. Biometrika 93, 235-254. [102]
2005Mardia, K.V. and Patrangenaru, V. Directions and projective shapes. Ann. Statist. 33, 1666-1699.
2001Glasbey, C. A. and Mardia, K. V. A penalised likelihood approach to image warping. J. Roy. Statist. Soc. B 63 465-514. (Discussion paper.) [304]
2000Mardia, K.V., Bookstein, F.L. and Moreton, I.J. Statistical assessment of bilateral symmetry. Biometrika 87, 285-300.[248]
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1998Dryden, I.L. and Mardia, K.V. Statistical Shape Analysis. Wiley, Chichester.
1996Hurn, M.A., Mardia, K.V., Hainsworth, T.J., Kirkbride, J. and Berry, E. Bayesian fused classification of medical images. IEEE Trans. Medical Images 15, 850-858.
1996Mardia, K.V., Kent, J.T., Goodall, C.R. and Little, J.A. Kriging and splines with derivative information. Biometrika 83, 207-221.
1993Goodall, C. and Mardia, K.V. Multivariate aspects of shape theory. Ann. Statist. 21, 848-866.[115]
1989Mardia, K.V. and Dryden, I.L. The statistical analysis of shape data. Biometrika 76, 271-281.[116]
1988Mardia, K.V. Multi-dimensional multivariate Gaussian Markov random fields. J. Multivar. Anal. 24, 265-284.[222]
1984Mardia, K.V. and Marshall, R.J. Maximum likelihood estimation of models for residual covariance in spatial regression. Biometrika 71, 135-146.[774]
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1979Mardia, K.V., Kent, J.T. and Bibby, J.M. Multivariate Analysis. Academic Press, New York. (Translated in Persian.)
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1975Mardia, K.V. Statistics of directional data. J. Roy. Statist. Soc. B 37, 349-393. (Discussion paper.) [496]
1972Mardia, K.V. Statistics of Directional Data. Academic Press, New York. (Translated in Russian.) 2nd edition: Mardia, K.V. and Jupp, P.E. (2000). Wiley, Chichester.
1970Mardia, K.V. Measures of multivariate skewness and kurtosis with applications. Biometrika 57, 519-530.[2868]
In Press
1. Eltzner, B., Huckemann, S. and Mardia, K.V. Torus Principal Component Analysis with an Application to RNA Structures. To appear in Annals of Applied Statistics.
2. Kent, J.T., Ganeiber, A.M. and Mardia, K.V. A new method to simulate the Bingham and related distributions in directional data analysis with applications. To appear in the Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics.
3. Mardia, K.V., Kent, J.T. and Laha, A.K. Score matching estimators for directional distributions. Presented to ISI 2017
4. García-Portugués E., Sørensen, M., Mardia, K.V. and Hamelryck, T. Langevin diffusions on the torus: estimation and applications. To appear in Statistics and Computing.