• Wilks Memorial Medal


Being presented with the Wilks memorial Medal. Image K.V. Mardia.



  • Guy Medal in Silver of the Royal Statistical Society (2003)


Being presented with the Guy Silver Medal

Being presented with the Guy Silver Medal. Image K.V. Mardia.



  • Doctor of Science, University of Newcastle upon Tyne (1973)


Doctor of Science degree in Newcastle upon Tyne (1973). Image K.V. Mardia



  • NRI Achievement Award (2005)




  • Best professional award by the National Council of Vanik Associations, UK (2004)


Being presented with the Award by the Vanik Association; Image K.V. Mardia



  • Outstanding Contribution in Statistical Science award by Forum for Interdisciplinary Research (2000)


  • Eugene Lukacs Professorship, University of Bowling Green, USA (Fall 1999)


  • Elected Guest Professor, University of Connecticut, USA (Spring 1999)


  • Chakrabarti Endowment Lectures, Bombay, India (1990)