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Holistic Statistical Science; Image K.V. Mardia




Mardia and Gilks (2005) have identified three themes for statistical science in the 21st century.

  • First, statistics should be viewed in the broadest way for scientific explanation or prediction of any phenomenon.
  • Second, the future of statistics lies in a holistic approach to interdisciplinary research.
  • Third, a change of attitude is required by statisticians - a paradigm shift - for the subject to go forward.


LASR Workshops have been a showcase for many of the new emerging areas of statistical science.


It is my belief that the future of statistics lies in Holistic Statistical Science for advancing interdisciplinary research. If not, we can easily get trapped in the six blind men (one is hidden in the back!) parable. Jains have used the parable of six blind men for emphasising multi-facet aspect of truth (Anekandrad) for thousand of years!



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