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Roseberry Topping to the North West of where I am stood

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Work address:   Room 11-13, Department of Statistics, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT
Work telephone:   +44-(0)113-3435156
Work email address:     sta6ajb @ leeds.ac.uk

Photograph on right shows just TWO interesting things: Roseberry Topping and the boundary stone on Great Ayton Moor inscribed "T.L. 1927 D.A.M. 14".
Click here for additional photograph of a snow cat!

Click here for additional photograph showing two sheep near Grinton Lead Mill! Can you spot them?

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Recent publications

2005. Bayesian Estimation of a Generalized Diversity Index. 25th European Meeting of Statisticians poster presentation. Click here to view paper.
2004. A randomised controlled trial of immunosuppression conversion for the treatment of chronic allograft nephropathy. (With J.Stoves, C.G.Newstead, G.Owens, M.Paraoan, A.Hammad.) Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, v.19, 2113-2120.
2004. Postkarten aus Seoul. Stochastik in der Schule, v.24, 8-11. (Translation by Karl Rottel of "Wish you were here: postcards from Seoul".) Click here to view paper.
2003. Wish you were here: postcards from Seoul. Teaching Statistics, v.25, 46-48.
2001. A generalized diversity index. Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute, 53rd session: contributed papers, tome LIX, book 3, 109-110. ISBN 90-73592-20-8.
2001. Prognostic factors influencing survival of diabetic patients following initiation of renal replacement therapy. (With J.Stoves and J.H.Turney.) Nephrology, v.6, 79-84.
2000. The distribution of a generalized diversity index due to Good. (With D.N.Joanes and G.Shamia.) Environmental and Ecological Statistics, v.7, 329-342.
1998. Piece-wise detection of spinal scoliosis. (With X.Feng.) Editors: R.Payne and P.Green. COMPSTAT, Proceedings in Computational Statistics, 13th Symposium, p.167-172 Heidelberg, Physica-Verlag, ISBN 3790811319.
1998. Range of validity of α and β for a generalized diversity index H(α,β) due to Good. (With D.N.Joanes and G.Shamia.) Mathematical Bioscience, v.148-issue 2, 115-128.
1997. Properties of a generalized diversity index. (With D.N.Joanes and G.M.Shamia.) Journal of Theoretical Biology, v.188, p.207-213.
1997. Statistical methods for automatic interpretation of digitally scanned finger prints. (With K.V.Mardia, X.Feng, and T.J.Hainsworth.) Pattern Recognition Letters, v.18, 1197-1203.
1997. Automatic interpretation of the orientation field of fingerprints. (With K.V.Mardia, X.Feng, and T.J.Hainsworth.) Editors: K.V.Mardia, C.A. Gill, and R.G.Aykroyd. Proceedings in the Art and Science of Bayesian Image Analysis, p.219-220, Leeds, Leeds University Press, ISBN 085316178X.

Recent departmental reports

Some of these reports are downloadable .pdf files. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat reader then you can download a free copy from Adobe Systems.

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