Calculus and Mathematical Analysis (MATH 1050)

I taught this module from 2009/10-2018/19. Should you still be interested, practice quizzes for the electronic homeworks from 2018/19 are here.

Mathematical Methods (MATH3365/5366M)

All of the teaching material for this course is available on Minerva.

Project in Mathematics (MATH 3001)

I offer projects on Computations in Applied Maths, and sometimes on computational modelling of nonlinear dynamics.

Geophysical and Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics (MATH 3457, MATH 5457M)

I taught this course from 2010/11--2012/13. Media resources and weblinks (for those old courses) are available here.

Assignment in Mathematics (MATH 5003M and MATH 5004M)

I typically supervise a project on Modelling of waves in the atmosphere and ocean.

Stephen Griffiths, 16th May 2022