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Knots at Leeds

Knots have a place in formal mathematical theory, and equally form a crucial part of a wide variety of applications. Researchers at Leeds from several different Schools plan a new interdisciplinary venture, investigating different aspects of knots in different topics.


Wednesday 11th December, 4pm, MALL 1
Paul Martin (Maths) - Fun with Partition Categories (part of the Algebra, Logic and Algorithms seminar)

Tuesday 26th November, 11am, MALL 1
John Stell (Computing) - Spatial Reasoning and Knots

Wednesday 20th November, 3pm, MALL 2
Jiannis Pachos (Physics) - The connection of knots, quantum computation and quantum materials

Structures and properties of knots
Recognising knots
Complexity of knots


Paul Martin, Professor of Pure Mathematics
Sergei Grishanov, Professor of Textile Science and Design
Michaele Hardie, Professor of Supramolecular Chemistry
Jiannis Pachos, Reader in Physics
Neil Thomson, Reader in Biological Physics and Bionanotechnology
Derek Harland, Associate Professor in Pure Mathematics
Rob Sturman, Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics
John Stell, Senior Lecturer, School of Computing
Mike Evans, Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
Emanuele Paci, Associate Professor in Molecular and Cell Biology
Sarah Harris, Lecturer in Biological Physics
Joseph Grant; Research Fellow in Algebra
Shona Yu; Lecturer in Algebra