Cave Diver

GPS waypoint files for British and Irish caves, and Florida springs

We have here waypoint files in the human-readable GPX format (an XML flavour) and the Garmin binary .gpi format. The .gpi ones can be downloaded directly to your reasonably modern garmin GPS (connect it to your PC via its USB cable, or connect its SD card to your PC; find your way to the relevant directory on your PC - on my Linux box it's /media/GARMIN for the GPS internal memory and /media/somethingobscure for the SD card - then (on card or internal memory) find your way to the Garmin/Poi subdirectory, and put the .gpi files in there). The GPX files can be converted to GPI by gpsbabel (on Linux) or Mapquest/BaseCamp (on Windoze), but can also be used in a variety of other ways for non-Garmin devices.

Note that the full Northern Caves listings at the bottom of the list are taken from the original Northern Caves volumes via an (unreliable) OCR program. They are based on only 6 figure British grid references (which were harder to get when Northern Caves was first mooted than 10 figure grid references are now, since GPS is dirt cheap!) and therefore have a max error of 50m North/South and 50m East/West, assuming the grid ref is correct to begin with and was not corrupted by the OCR program. I tried to correct these errors (the OCR will occasionally swap 1's and 7's or 8's and 3's and 5's) but check the original NGR against what's in the plain text list of grid references given below. And bear in mind the wise Mr Pythagoras states that when you get to the 6 figure grid reference, even if it is correct, you may be still roughly 70 yards from the hole. I have tried to remove 6 figure grid based POIs in cases where there is a more accurate POI in the main Northern Caves list.

File List

List of Relatively Inaccurate Files based on 6 figure British grid references.