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My PhD Students...

  • Ahmed Elgamal  (Representation Theory. Ahmed's paper in Mathematische Zeitschrift can also be found here.)
  • Yogi Valani   (Exact Results for Potts Models. Yogi passed his PhD Viva in 2011; his paper will appear shortly; some of the results can be found elsewhere on this site.)
  • Elizabeth Banjo (Representation Theory. Liz's first paper in Algebras and Representation Theory is here and here . Liz passed her PhD viva in 2012.)
  • Andrew Reeves (Representation Theory. Andrew's recent papers are here and here. Andrew passed his PhD viva in 2014.)
  • Heather Burke (Representation Theory. Heather passed her PhD viva in 2013.)
  • Chwas Ahmed [mmcaa(at)] (Representation Theory. Chwas passed his PhD viva in 2016.) picture + picture + pic + pic
  • Ahmed Hussein [mmabh(at)] (Representation Theory; with AP. Ahmed passed his PhD viva in 2017.)
  • Fatimah Zakaria [mmsfz(at)] (Statistical Mechanics. Fatimah passed her PhD viva in 2017.) picture
  • Alex Bullivant [py09alb(at)] (Topological Quantum Computation; with JP, FN. Alex passed his PhD viva in 2018)
  • Konstantinos Meichanetzidis [mmkm(at)] (Topological Quantum Computation; with JP. Kon passed his PhD viva in 2017)
  • Mufida Hmaida [ml12mmah (at)] (Representation Theory; with AP. Mufida passed her PhD viva in 2016)
  • Amani Alfadhli [mmamal (at)] (Representation Theory; with AP. Amani passed her PhD viva in 2018)
  • Eman Alluqmani [mmeaa (at)] (Representation Theory; with AP. Eman passed her PhD viva in 2018)
  • Fiona Torzewska [py13fmt (at)] (Topological Models; with JFM)
  • Hadeel Albeladi [mmhba (at)] (Topological Models; with JFM)
  • Jean Peyen [mmjcp (at)] (Probability, statistics, statistical mechanics; with LB)
  • Nouf Alraddadi [ml17nma (at)] (Algebraic representation theory; with AEP)
  • Basma Alsubhi [mmbja (at)] (Topology, algebra, combinatorics; with JFM)
  • Ben Horton [mm15bsh (at)] (Topological Models; with JFM)
  • Manar Qadi [mmmaq (at)] (Algebra/topology; with AEP)
  • Diego Lobos [mmdl (at)] (Algebraic representation theory; with AEP and S Ryom-Hansen (Talca))
  • Nura Alotaibi [mmntma (at)] (Algebraic representation theory; with AEP)

Heather Heather2 Yogi Liz2 Andrew Mufida Chwas Fatimah Eman Amani Ahmed - pic to follow! Alex Kon School

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