Themes in the interface of representation theory and physics

Conference and Workshop
11-15 December 2006
Centre for Mathematical Science, City University, LONDON


In recent years there has been strong cross-fertilisation of ideas between methods of representation theory (for example of quantum groups and of diagram algebras) and computational statistical mechanics, including integrable lattice models. There are analogous connections between representation theory and IQFT.

Recently the same ideas in statistical mechanics have been applied to problems in string theory, and in particular to the AdS/CFT correspondence. Thus spin chains, Bethe ansatz, Yang-Baxter equations, Yangians, R- and S-matrices, models of strongly correlated electrons, integrable sigma models, and so on now appear in several different fields of theoretical physics. It is anticipated that these emergent applications will in turn inspire new avenues of research in statistical mechanics, and in representation theory itself.

The purpose of the workshop to bring together researchers in these fields. The idea is to assess the status of this topic, and to motivate and inspire future research. We also aim to promote communication between theorists across disciplines, whether mathematicians or physicists.

The program will include overview talks on relevant aspects of representation theory, string, condensed matter and field theory. It will attempt to review recent developments, and allow good time for discussion. So as to achieve these goals, the list of talks will only be finalized in the weeks preceding the meeting.


Speakers are so far scheduled to include:
Full list with titles and (where possible) abstracts will appear here.


To register please email Paul Martin on, stating which days you want to attend. If you want to use our block-booked local accommodation (see below) please also state which nights (by default the booking is 10-th to 14-th December). Delegates wishing to use this facility should make their needs known no later than 1st November.

There will be limited funds available to partially support expenses for PhD students attending the meeting. Applications should be made no later than 10-th October.

Travel Info

The Centre for Mathematical Science is located on the main campus of City University. City University is situated in the centre of London, close to Kings Cross station and Angel undeground.
The various University Main Campus rooms used by the meeting (U214, U215, CM121, CM507,...) are shown here.


Hotel accommodation will be organised close to the conference venue.
We have block-booked a number of twin rooms in a good nearby hotel (particularly convenient also for Kings Cross Station) at around 100 per night. These are suitable either for two delegates sharing (hence 50 per night each - the conference organisers can arrange partners for shares if desired); or for individual delegates.
We also have some budget accommodation block-booked (also not too far away) at around 33 per night.
Typical hotel accommodation in this area is 90-100 per night for a double room.
Here are the details for delegates staying at Rosebery Hall: This is student hall for the LSE, but very close to City University
MAP 1; MAP 2; Address: 90 Rosebery Avenue, Islington, EC1R 4TY

Conference Dinner

Date and Time: Thursday 14th December 2006, 7pm ; Venue: Balcony Bistro, (at the Barbican Centre)
Traditional Christmas dinner (with a glass on mulled wine on arrival!)
Price: about 23 per person (for meal and glass of mulled wine but excluding other drinks)


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Themes in the interface of representation theory and physics

Conference and Workshop
11-15 December 2006
Centre for Mathematical Science, City University, LONDON