Leeds Statistical Mechanics Discussion Group

Previous meetings: Winter 08 session (including scans of participants' notes)

Spring 09 session

11th meeting: January 29th (Thursday) 2pm Mall 1
1. Robert Marsh: "Potts partition functions -- Concatenating graphs II."

12th meeting: Feb 5th (Thursday) 2pm Magic Room
1. Robert Marsh: "The Potts transfer matrix: rise of the Temperley-Lieb algebras."

13th meeting: Feb 12th (Thursday) 2pm Mall 1
1. Robert Marsh: "The Potts transfer matrix: Temperley-Lieb algebras II."

14th meeting: Feb 19th (Thursday) 2pm Mall 1
1. Robert Marsh: "The Potts transfer matrix: Temperley-Lieb algebras III."

15th meeting: Feb 26th (Thursday) 2pm Magic Room
1. Peter Crompton: "The Tutte polynomial I."
References: The Computational Complexity of some classical problems from Stat Phys (Welsh)
Inapproximability of the Tutte polynomial (Goldberg)
The Computational Complexity of Tutte Invariants for Planar Graphs (Vertigan)

16th meeting: Mar 5th (Thursday) 2pm Mall 1
1. Peter Crompton: "The Tutte polynomial II: #P Strikes Back - Return of the Matroid"

17th meeting: Mar 12th (Thursday) 2pm Leeds Art Gallery (Main Lecture Theatre) (*NOTE VENUE!*)
1. Jeanne Scott: "Laurent expansions for Plucker coordinates via perfect matchings." (slides)

18th meeting: Mar 19th (Thursday) 2pm Mall 1
1. Peter Crompton: "Non-perturbative Quantum effects"

Many thanks to Robert Marsh for the scanned notes so far. Copies of participants' notes of further meetings are being collated, and will be made available. Please contact Sathish.

Links that have come up in discussions:

SMDG Emails that it might be helpful to broadcast:
(Peter to Robert, on quivers in SM)
I have attached some stuff on the connections between quivers and 
Statistical Mechanics for Thursday. I hope some of its helpful ...

0011192v3 - is a handwaving way to define a quiver in Physics

0503149v2 - is a way of defining Statistical Mechanics from quivers

jehp122005025 - is an explicit quiver for the Ising model

0302228v1 - is formally why duals aren't very well defined ideas in
             (space+time) models of Physics. The mapping is known as
             "Wick-rotation", and to further confuse the issue, Physicists
             also interchange Euclidean-time with the temperature "beta"
             in this context.

0610003v2 - is a bit more what I'm doing on "time", using a description of 
9911114v1   the singularities associated with covering maps (space+time
             -> space) called asymptotic freedom.  

(Matt to Sathish, on temperature)
... (omitted -- hopefully Sathish's notes will abstract this)

All welcome

Organisers: Sathish, Jeanne and Paul