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TQI at Leeds: Joao Faria Martins, Jiannis Pachos, Paul Martin, Celeste Damiani, Alex Bullivant, Fiona Torzewska, Kon Meichanetzidis, Zoltan Kadar, ...

Emergent physics from Lattice Higher Gauge Theory

(Project Investigators: PI = Joao Faria Martins ; CoI = Paul Martin ; Fellow = Celeste Damiani.)

Start: September 2018

Idea: Try to build computers with quantum nature of physics used in software/hardware integration (rather than just ``accidentally'' as reason why some hardware components work).

Bleeding edge Physics (in the sense that quantum physics is functional as Engineering, but somewhat open as Physics).

and - serendipitously - ...

bleeding edge maths. Proposals for addressing the quantum computation challenge use mathematics from several areas (including topology, category theory, diagram algebras, quantum groups, algebraic representation theory, K-theory, integrable systems, statistical mechanics, q-spin chains and so on).





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