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Older publications: sources/remarks/marginal notes etc

Older Publications

P. P. Martin. Potts models and related problems in statistical mechanics
World Scientific (1991).
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P. P. Martin. Representations of graph Temperley-Lieb algebras
Publ RIMS Kyoto University 26 (1990) 485.
P. P. Martin. Temperley-Lieb algebras and the long-distance properties of statistical mechanical models
J Phys A 23 (1990) 7-30.
P. P. Martin. Block spin transformations in the operator formulation of two-dimensional Potts models
J Phys A 22 (1989) 3991.
P. P. Martin, G. Launer and B. W. Westbury. The Potts modes and a generalisation of the Clifford algebras
Bull. L.M.S. 21 (1989) 544.
P. P. Martin. String-like lattice models and Hecke algebras
J Phys A 22 (1989) 3103.
P. P. Martin. Exact finite lattice results for Zn symmetric spin models
J Phys A 21 (1988) 4415.
P. P. Martin and G. Launer. Temperley-Lieb operator formalism for Zq symmetric models and solvable submanifolds
J Phys A 21 (1988) L1003.
P. P. Martin. Temperley-Lieb algebra, group theory and the Potts model   [NOTES]
J Phys A 21 (1988) 577.
P. P. Martin. The Potts model and the Beraha numbers
J Phys A 20 (1987) L399.
P. P. Martin. Boundary conditions and the free energy for statistical mechanical models
J Phys A 20 (1987) L601.
P. P. Martin. On representations of an operator algebra and the transfer matrix spectrum of the q-state Potts model
J Phys A 19 (1986) L1117.
P. P. Martin. Analytic properties of the partition function for statistical mechanical models
J Phys A 19 (1986) 3267.
P. P. Martin and J.-M. Maillard. Zeros of the partition function for the triangular lattice three-state Potts model
J Phys A 19 (1986) L547.
P. P. Martin. Potts models and dichromatic polynomials,
in Integrable Systems in Statistical Mechanics, Eds. Giacomo M. D'Ariano et al, World Scientific (1985).
P. P. Martin Finite lattice Z(3) models in two and three dimensions
Nucl Phys B225 [FS9] (1983) 497.
P. P. Martin Ising lattice gauge theory in three dimensions
Nucl Phys B220 [FS8] (1983) 366.
P. P. Martin and W. Mecklenburg. Constant Yang-Mills fields
Phys Rev D 22 (1980) 3088.

footnotes, unpublished articles, etc
blob footnotes
brauer footnotes
P. P. Martin. Pascal's triangle and word bases for blob algebra ideals
P. P. Martin and B.W. Westbury. On the centraliser algebras of quantum linear groups
City/Warwick preprint.

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