Ring Theory

This is a learning resource page for Ring Theory, for 2nd/3rd year undergraduates.
It is independent of any particular module or programme.
The material here may thus be of use to any student studying Ring Theory (but do check your syllabus).
In particular the Leeds module Math2033 Rings, Polynomials and Fields is relevant.

Study Notes


Exercises are integrated in the notes. For MATH2033, others are available in tutorial classes. (Please go to tutorials; do not ask for copies elsewhere!)

MATH2033 Module Homeworks 2011

Some further useful textbooks, links and resources

A longer and more advanced reference list is here.

Past examination papers

MATH2033 from 2009 on, and earlier equivalents, can be found Here.
2011 paper , 2011 answers
Indicative answers for 2010 are here (odd questions only, for now).

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