Projects and Assignments List in Pure Mathematics


If you are interested in doing a particular project, please contact the lecturer concerned.

Suggested Project Titles

Advanced Complex Analysis J.R. Partington (), C.J. Read
Advanced Set Theory J.K. Truss, H.D. MacPherson (semester 1 only)
Algebraic curves W. Crawley-Boevey ()
Algorithmic randomness S.B. Cooper (),
The discrete Laplace-Beltrami Operator K. Houston
Cellular Automata J.R. Partington
Incomputability S.B. Cooper ()
Combinatorial enumeration V.V. Kisil, C.J. Read
Combinatorial Group Theory H.D. MacPherson (semester 1 only)
Complex and hypercomplex numbers V.V. Kisil
Geometry of Mobius transformations V.V. Kisil
Complexity Theory J.K. Truss
Fixed Point Theorems C.J. Read
Formal Machines J.K. Truss
Fractal Geometry J.R. Partington , C.J. Read
Knot Theory J.M. Speight
Infinite reflection groups P.P. Martin
Matrix groups, Lie groups and compact groups M. Daws
Zorn's lemma at work P. Schuster ()
Minimal Surfaces J.C. Wood , J.M. Speight
Morse Theory K. Houston
Non-Euclidean Geometry J.C. Wood, J.M. Speight
Operators and Invariant Subspaces C.J. Read, J.R. Partington
Orthogonal and q-orthogonal polynomials V.V. Kisil
The p-adic Numbers H.D. MacPherson (semester 1 only)
Ramsey Theory J.K. Truss , H.D. MacPherson (semseter 1 only)
Ramsey theory and additive combinatorics M. Daws
Reflection groups W. Crawley-Boevey
The size of the real line J. K. Truss + TBA
Topological Groups M. Daws, J.R. Partington , C.J. Read
Lie Algebras D. Harland
Geometry project D. Harland
Algebra/Discrete Mathematics project P. Martin
Topics in real and complex reflection groups A. Parker
Algebra project A. Parker A Hubery (not available 2013/14)
Analysis project B. Das
Logic project P. Schuster
Logic project M Rathjen (not available 2013/14)
Surreal Numbers TBA

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