TO DO LIST for my algebra grad notes (2008-)

Lecture Notes on Representation theory of finite dimensional algebras

Aimed at graduate students interested in applied representation theory. Nominal aim is to study representations of algebras generalising the group algebras of symmetric groups, such as `diagram algebras' and diagram categories.

To do

This is a work in progress. Here we note some jobs that need doing (entirely for my own organisational benefit). Dates are gregorian-1 (cf handwritten notes etc); numbering is from version printed 30/3/11.

Suggested further reading

Adamek et al, Abstract and Concrete Categories
On representation theory of the symmetric group
Algebras and Representations Leeds undergraduate module
References on representation theory of the symmetric group
Khovanov's rep theory resources
Benson, Representations and Cohomology: Basic representation theory of finite groups and associative algebras
J A Green, Polynomial representations of GLn (Springer) (version with K Erdmann and M Schocker)
Assem, Simson and Skowronski, Vol.1 (LMS ST65)
Curtis and Reiner, Representation theory of finite groups and associative algebras, Wiley Interscience
Curtis and Reiner, Methods of representation theory I, Wiley Interscience
Hamermesh, Group Theory
Gabriel and Roiter, Representations of finite-dimensional algebras
Jain and Parvathi, Noncommutative rings, group rings, diagram algebras, and their applications
Diestel, Graph Theory
Ranicki's resources

Organiser: Paul