Radosław Zawiski, PhD

2018.04.17. Journal publication.

I received an information yesterday that the newest submission is already available online. You will find it in the Open Acess version with a link given in the Publications section.

2017.11.10. Outreach activity "Project Scientist".

I had a pleasure to make a presentation in front of about 100 people. The audience was really interested and had many questions concerning not only the everyday aspects of conducting research within the Marie Curie framework, but also was interested in such things as the condition of cycling infrastructure in Leeds and whether this is a reliable way of commuting! A definitely needed event and with a great potential. I hope such initiatives will be more frequent in future. If you are interested in a photo relation - here is an official link.

2017.09.21. Outreach activity "Project Scientist".

In the middle of October this year there will be an outreach activity concerning advertisement of scientific careers. If you are a postgraduate student and are wondering whether (or how) to pursue an academic career - this is the place to visit. The event will take place in Poland, in five different cities and at different dates - see euraxess web page for details. Unfortunately, all info is given in Polish, but should anyone wish to come and see what's on, or have some question for the prelegents, I'm sure there will not be any language-related problems.

2017.06.28. New journal submission.

It was a bit long, but I finally managed to complete another paper. This one uses some Hilbert space methods mixed with measures of noncompactness and a fixed point theory to investigate controllability of semilinear systems. For now, enjoy the arXiv version in Publications.

2017.05.20. First OUTCROSS journal submission.

After some polishing, a journal submission of the first OUTCROSS results is made. If you are interested, please see Publications for an arXiv version of it.

2017.05.03. Conference presentation of the first OUTCROSS Individual Fellowship results!

Today I received a notificiation that our proposal is accapted and we are invited to present our results at this year's Control of Distributed Parameter Systems conference. Bienvenu chez Bordeaux!

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