Oliver King

School of Mathematics
University of Leeds
United Kingdom

Office: 9.29
Tel: +44 (0)113 3431619

I am an EPSRC research fellow with Alison Parker, working on the representation theory of finite dimensional algebras. I am particularly interested in diagram algebras, Hecke algebras and symmetric and other permutation groups.
I obtained my PhD from City University London under the supervision of Maud De Visscher. A copy of my thesis can be found here.


O. King, On the decomposition matrix of the partition algebra in positive characteristic, J. Algebra 451 (2016), 115-144. DOI.
C. Bowman, M. De Visscher, O. King, The Blocks of the Partition Algebras in Positive Characteristic, Algebr. Represent. Theory 18 (2015), 1357-1388. DOI.
O. King, The limiting blocks of the Brauer algebra in characteristic \(p\), J. Algebra 387 (2014), 168-189. DOI.


O. H. King, P. P. Martin, A. E. Parker, Decomposition matrices and blocks for the symplectic blob algebra over the complex field (2016), arXiv:1611.06968.
O. H. King, P. P. Martin, A. E. Parker, On central idempotents in the Brauer algebra (2016), arXiv:1609.01183.


All the material for my modules will be available on the VLE, but I will also keep a copy on the other side of the corresponding links below.

MATH3193: Algebras and representations