Dr Laura Crosilla

Department of Pure Mathematics
School of Mathematics
University of Leeds
Tel: +44 (0)113 343 8620

E-mail: matmlc at leeds.ac.uk

Selected Publications and Preprints

Book: From sets and types to topology and analysis: towards practicable foundations for constructive mathematics, with P. Schuster (eds., co-authored introduction), Oxford Logic Guides 48, Oxford University Press, October 2005, pp. xix + 376.


  • Finite Methods in Mathematical Practice, with P. Schuster, submitted for publication. Preprint
  • Transitive Closure is conservative over weak operational set theory, with Andrea Cantini, accepted for publication.
  • A generalised cut characterisation of the axiom of fullness in CZF, with E. Palmgren and P. Schuster, accepted for publication.
  • Tutorial for Minlog, Version 5.0, with M. Seisenberger and H. Schwichtenberg, distributed with Minlog 5.0, p. 43.
  • On French and Krause's Identity in Physics, with E. Castellani, in Don Howard, Bas van Fraassen, Otávio Bueno, Elena Castellani, Laura Crosilla, Steven French and Décio Krause, The Physics and Metaphysics of Identity and Individuality, Metascience, 2010.
  • Explicit operational set theory, with A. Cantini, in Ways of Proof Theory, R. Schindler (ed.), Ontos Series in Mathematical Logic, Frankfurt, 2010.
  • Constructive and Intuitionistic ZF, in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/set-theory-constructive/
  • Constructive set theory with operations, with A. Cantini, in Logic Colloquium 2004, A. Andretta, K. Kearnes, D. Zambella (eds.), Association of Symbolic Logic, Lecture Notes in Logic, 29, 2008. Preprint 
  • Constructive notions of set (Part I): Sets in Martin- Löf type theory, Annali del Dipartimento di Filosofia, Nuova serie XI, Firenze University Press 2006, pp. 347-387. 
  • Binary refinement implies discrete exponentiation, with P. Aczel, H. Ishihara, E. Palmgren, P. Schuster, Studia Logica, 84 (2006), pp.367-374. 
  • On constructing completions, with H. Ishihara, P. Schuster, Journal of symbolic Logic 70 (2005), pp. 969-978.     
  • Inaccessible set axioms may have little consistency strength, with M. Rathjen, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, Vol 115/1-3, pp. 33-70, 2002. 
  • Tutorial for Minlog, Mathematisches Institut der LMU Muenchen, 2001, pp. 26 
  • Realizabilityinterpretations for constructive set theories with restricted induction, PhD thesis, School of Mathematics, University of Leeds. September 2000. 

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