Homogeneous structures, homomorphism-homogeneity, and automorphism groups
University of Leeds

Homogeneous structures, homomorphism-homogeneity, and automorphism groups

October 1st 2009-May 31st 2013

EPSRC grant EP/H00677X/1 is held at the University of Leeds from Oct 1st 2009- May 31st 2013.


Principal investigator, Professor J K Truss

Co-investigator, Professor H D Macpherson

Research assistant

Dr Deborah Lockett, Oct 1st 2009-Sept 30th 2012,

PhD students on the grant

Andres Aranda,

David Bradley-Williams

Mayra Montalvo-Ballesteros

Visitors on the grant

Professor Manuel Bodirsky, Paris,

Professor Peter Cameron, Queen Mary, University of London

Professor Jaroslav Nesetril, Prague

We are holding an informal seminar, currently most Fridays at 11am in the Maths Department at Leeds. There was a conference in the summer of 2011, from July 19th to 22nd. For more details see London Mathematical Society Northern Regional Meeting and workshop on Homogeneous Structures,

and there was a follow-up meeting in Prague, July 25th-27th 2012, http://kam.mff.cuni.cz/~hartman/WHS2012/

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