MATH2022 Groups and vector spaces
MATH2022 Groups and vector spaces

This course will run from Tuesday October 2nd to Friday December 14th. There are 3 lectures a week, Tuesday 11, Thursday 9 and Friday 12 in Rogers Stevens Lecture Theatre LT22. I shall also try to arrange a revision session in the last week of term (details later).
I shall distribute 11 exercise sheets during the course, of which numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 will be assessed. Spare copies can be downloaded from this page. I also distribute a course outline. Answers to exercises will be distributed.

Course outline

Exercises I

Answers I

Exercises II

Answers II

Exercises III

Answers III

Exercises IV

Answers IV

Exercises V

Answers V

Exercises VI

Exercises VII

Exercises VIII

Exercises IX

Exercises X

Exercises XI

Outline Notes

2017 exam

Answers to 2017 exam

2018 exam

Answers to 2018 exam

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