Outreach activities of João Faria Martins

Outreach is very important to me. I see outreach activities as key to enthusing to engage with Mathematics the broad range of potential beneficiaries presently outside academia.

My session on knots and surfaces in the 2009
edition of this outreach summer school in Oporto
Logo of summer school Matnova2015
Summer school Matnova (Lisbon):

From 2010 to 2015 I conceived and was involved in the organisation of the outreach summer school Matnova. This a summer school in Mathematics hosted by the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of Nova Lisbon University (FCT/UNL). Matnova is aimed at high achieving secondary school students, with the aim of encouraging excellent students to go on to study for a degree in Mathematics.
Each edition (of 5 days) of Matnova revolves around seminars and courses. You can see the individual pages of each event in Matnova2010, Matnova2011, Matnova2012, Matnova2013, Matnova2014, Matnova2015. We welcomed 83 participants in the 2015 school.
Nice enough, the summer school will continue even though I moved to Leeds University. Here is the page of 2018 edition: Matnova2018. Good ideas that have clearly proven to work perfectly should always go on!