ADE surfaces*

$A_1$ (aka The Cone)
$A_1$ in different coordinates
$A_2$ (aka The Cusp)
$ z^2+x(y^2-x^2)=0$
$ z^2+x(y^2-x^4)=0$
$ z^2+x(y^2-x^6)=0$
$ z^2+x(y^2-x^3)=0$
$ z^2+x(y^2-x^5)=0$
$ z^2+x(y^2-x^7)=0$

*: Real pictures of some complex quotient singularities $\mathbb{C}^2 / \Gamma$, where $\Gamma$ is a finite subgroup of $SL_2(\mathbb{C})$. These surfaces are also known as ADE surfaces or Kleinian surfaces or $2$-dimensional rational double points or ...
In each surface a curve is highlighted. This curve is the intersection of the surface with the plane $\{ z =0 \}$, or, if we stay in the context of groups, it is the discriminant curve of the complex reflection group $G$ such that $[G:\Gamma]=2$, that is, $\Gamma=G \cap SL_2(\mathbb{C})$.

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