Leeds Analysis Seminar 2020-21, Semester 2

Leeds Analysis Seminar 2020-21, Semester 1

Leeds Analysis Seminar, Summer 2020

Leeds Analysis Seminar 2019-20, Semester 2

  • February 5th : Alexander Strohmaier (University of Leeds) :

    A relative trace formula in obstacle scattering

  • February 12th : Nicholas Young (University of Leeds, Newcastle University) :

    Newton-Girard and Waring-Lagrange theorems for two non-commuting variables

  • February 19th : Lucas Ambrozio (University of Warwick) : Joint Geometry and Analysis seminar

    Volume of closed Riemannian manifolds and geometric invariants related to their area-minimising hypersurfaces

  • April 30th : Alexander Strohmaier :

    Construction of fundamental solutions of the wave equation and Hadamard series

  • May 7th : Florian Litzinger (QMUL) :

    Optimal regularity for Pfaffian systems and the fundamental theorem of surface theory

  • May 21st : Alexander Pushnitski (KCL):

    The Szego Theorem for multiplicative Toeplitz matrices

  • May 27th : Dejan Gajic (Cambridge) :

    Resonances and quasinormal modes on asymptotically flat spacetimes

Leeds Analysis Seminar 2019-20, Semester 1

  • October 2nd : Elias Wegert (Freiberg, visiting Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge) :

    A Riemann-Hilbert Approach to H-Optimization

  • October 16th : Mario Schulz (QMUL) :

    Yamabe flow on noncompact manifolds

  • October 23rd : Yuxia Liang (Tianjin Normal University, Visiting Research Fellow at Leeds) :

    Quasi-nilpotent operators and non-Euclidean metrics on resolvent set

  • October 30th : Peter Topping (Warwick) :

    Gradient flows for the harmonic map energy

  • November 6th : Jeff Galkowski (UCL) :

    Concentration and Growth of Laplace Eigenfunctions

  • November 13th : Yuri Antipov (Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, visiting Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge) :

    Riemann-Hilbert problems of the theory of automorphic and algebraic functions and an inverse problem of elasticity for multiply connected domains

  • November 20th : Neshan Wickramasekera (Cambridge) : Joint Geometry and Analysis seminar

    On the behaviour of stationary integral varifolds near multiplicity 2 planes

Leeds Analysis Seminar 2018-19, Semester 2

  • January 30th : Claude Warnick (Cambridge)

    Black holes and scattering resonances

  • February 6th : Craig Robertson (Oxford)

    Finite-time degeneration for Teichmüller harmonic map flow

  • February 13th : Eskil Rydhe (Leeds)

    On Laplace--Carleson embeddings

  • February 27th : Leonid Parnovski (UCL)

    Floating mats and sloping beaches: spectral asymptotics of the Steklov problem on polygons

  • March 6th : Zoe Wyatt (Heriot-Watt)

    Attractors of the Einstein-Klein-Gordon system

  • March 13th : Charles Batty (Oxford)

    Functional calculus for analytic Besov functions

  • March 20th : Arash Ghaani Farashahi (Leeds)

    Abstract structure of Banach function algebras on homogeneous spaces of compact groups

  • March 27th : Euan Spence (Bath)

    The essential numerical range of the Laplace double-layer potential on Lipschitz domains

  • May 1st : Emilio Fedele (KCL)

    The spectral density of self-adjoint Hankel Matrices

Leeds Analysis Seminar 2018-19, Semester 1

  • October 10th : Daniele Garrisi (Leeds)

    Ground-state stability and uniqueness of normalized standing-waves

  • October 17th : Mikołaj Sierżęga (Warsaw)

    Pohozaev type identities via transport theorems

  • October 31st : Costante Bellettini (UCL)

    Regularity and compactness for stable CMC hypersurfaces.

  • November 8th : Robin Harte (Dublin)

    Cofactor matrix theory

  • November 14th : Andrew Morris (Birmingham)

    The minimal regularity Dirichlet problem for elliptic PDEs beyond symmetric coefficients

Leeds Analysis Seminar 2017-18, Semester 2

  • January 31st : Jonathan Partington (Leeds)

    Zero-one laws for operator semigroups

  • February 14th : Arick Shao (QMUL)

    Unique continuation for waves, Carleman estimates, and applications

  • February 21st : Mikaela Iacobelli (Durham)

    Recent results on quasineutral limit for Vlasov-Poisson via Wasserstein stability estimates

  • March 7th : Matthew Schrecker (Oxford)

    Existence of entropy solutions for compressible, isentropic Euler equations with geometric effects

  • March 14th : Sergey M Sitnik (Belgorod, Russia)

    Approximations by Gaussians with Applications to Signal Theory

  • April 18th : Eugene Shargorodsky (KCL)

    Quantitative results on continuity of the spectral factorisation mapping

  • April 25th : Jani Virtanen (Reading)

    Asymptotics of Toeplitz determinants and quantum spin chain models