Numerical and Computational Aspects of Spectral Geometry

14 – 15 April 2011 

School of Mathematical Sciences

Loughborough University


Scientific Organizing Committee: E. Hunsicker, A. Strohmaier

This two day workshop will focus on areas around the computation of eigenvalues and resonances of non-trivial geometries such as planar domains in flat space but also compact and non-compact manifolds. Eigenvalue problems of this kind show up in different contexts such as number theory, quantum chaos, wave and inverse scattering, or simply in spectral geometry. The workshop aims at bringing together people from these different fields to discuss the most recent advances in both rigorous and non-rigorous numerical methods to compute the spectral data in different geometric situations.

Participants include: Timo Betcke (Reading), Jens Bolte (Royal Holloway), Lyonell Boulton (Edinburgh), Peter Buser (Lausanne), Simon Chandler-Wilde(Reading), Jo Dwyer (Bristol), Frederic Faure (Grenoble), Ilia Kamotski (Bath), Michael Levitin (Reading), Pat O'Mahony (Royal Holloway), Marco Marletta (Cardiff), Awodele Mojoyinola Kofoworola (Loughborough), Iannis Petridis (UCL), Roman Schubert (Bristol), Joerg Seiler (Loughborough), Eugene Shargorodsky (Kings College), Andreas Stroembergsson (Uppsala), Holger Then (Bristol), Ville Uski (Lougborough) (* to be confirmed)


The Registration Fee to attend this two day workshop is £60.
In addition, Bed and Breakfast accommodation can be booked through the organiser for £

There may be some financial assistance available for students to attend this workshop. If you wish to bid for some financial assistance please contact Jackie Baseley on by 20th Feb 2011 before registering.
Students, should send a letter from their supervisors confirming their student status.

Poster Presentations: If you would like to present a poster at this event please send a brief summary of the poster to the organiser by 17 March 2011.

Venue: Edward Herbert Building, Loughborough University, Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK. Loughborough is a pleasant market town in the East Midlands, located approx 15 km from East Midlands airport and 1 hour by train from Birmingham airport. London is about 1½ hours away by train.

Click here to register online. Further information can be obtained from:

Jackie Baseley, Workshop organiser, School of Mathematical Sciences, Loughborough University, Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK.



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